This is fine - surviving 2020

Looking back: 2020 in tech

January 4, 2021 John 0

2020 has been quite a ride, and it’s been a transformational year for business and technology. Here’s a recap of the major political and economic events that shaped this year – and the future to come.

Etsy homepage December 2020

How and why to set up an Etsy shop

December 21, 2020 John 0

If you’ve got a small handcrafted or individually designed product for sale, it probably makes sense to set up a shop and get it listed to Etsy. While the fees can add up, Etsy provides a solid platform for novice and experienced ecommerce professionals. It’s unlikely to replace your own ecommerce sites in the long run, but it provides a great starting point and supplement to any online business.

NASDAQ saw a significant correction on Thursday

NASDAQ corrects – to last Wednesday’s level

September 4, 2020 John 0

Stocks, led by the tech sector, retreated on questionable job adjustments Thursday. Is the market still showing signs of bubble mentality, or has this correction brought us back closer to realistic and sustainable valuations?

global equities sell off in response to coronavirus

Coronavirus – and fear – is infecting the global economy

February 28, 2020 John 0

Global markets are selling off frantically as coronovirus (COVID-2019) spreads around the world. While the vast majority of cases are likely to be mild, the infection has also shown an ability to cause enough serious cases to overwhelm local medical systems and disrupt global supply chains.

Bond yields are flattening and this only happens when investors expect recessions

Flattening Bond Yield Curve Threatens Inversion and Recession

September 9, 2018 John 0

Bond traders and market analysts are watching as short term interest rates rapidly rise to match long term rates. If this yield curve inverts and short term debt becomes more expensive than long term debt, it’s a pretty strong predictor that a recession is close behind. But that doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom – there are ways to navigate downturns with a web based business or career!

Articles of incorporation

Pros and Cons of Incorporating a Web Business

August 25, 2018 John 0

Having run web businesses as both a sole proprietor and as the owner of a small corporation, I’d like to share some of the pros and cons associated with each approach. What’s best for your business, however, will depend on your unique circumstances and legal needs.

Bears vs unicorns in the most epic investor battle of 2018

Market Bears go Unicorn Hunting

August 22, 2018 John 0

As the unicorn population grows, so too does the number of bearish investors who are skeptical of the current market’s sustainability. If MoviePass can become nearly worthless over the span of a few weeks, what does that tell us about the fate of Uber, Lyft, and other app-based disruptive services that have generated a lot of hype and investment – without turning any profits?


A Cleaner Road to Ranking and SEO

July 16, 2017 John 2

Google has suggested that it is possible to rank for moderately competitive keywords with only on-site optimization, but is it really possible? Early results from an experiment for a local business suggest great results that could revolutionize what we know of SEO.