Dogecoin started as a joke, but the punchline is the rest of the crypto market

How Dogecoin undermines cryptocurrency hype

April 21, 2021 John 0

While Dogecoin started as a bit of a joke derived from a popular meme, it has recently become the best performing cryptocurrency around. Rather than an endorsement of Dogecoin, this fact is a stark warning about the future of crypto hype.

Bitcoin hype and bubble

Cryptocurrency: innovation and hype

February 22, 2021 John 0

As the hype around cryptocurrency reaches a fever pitch, bitcoin prices also clock in a new high price just shy of $60,000. Is this a bubble or a calculated recognition of the innovation that cryptocurrency can provide? Chances are it’s at least a little bit of both.

Evolution of the dotcom bubble

Looking back at the dotcom bubble

September 3, 2020 John 0

The current NASDAQ rally can be a little dizzying, but it’s still relatively minor compared to the dotcom mania of the late 1990s. Looking back at that prior tech bubble provides some insights to our current market and what it means for the future of tech businesses.

global equities sell off in response to coronavirus

Coronavirus – and fear – is infecting the global economy

February 28, 2020 John 0

Global markets are selling off frantically as coronovirus (COVID-2019) spreads around the world. While the vast majority of cases are likely to be mild, the infection has also shown an ability to cause enough serious cases to overwhelm local medical systems and disrupt global supply chains.

Your Portfolio Shouldn’t be Afraid of Going Green

January 29, 2020 John 0

If we are forced to choose between taking care of our environment or taking care of our investments, it’s likely that neither will turn out as we’ve hoped. Luckily, there are easy ways to position your portfolio to benefit from the shift to cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel.

40 years of the S&P 500 Index

Investing Simplified: Buy, Diversify, and Hold

January 23, 2020 John 0

Many companies sell expensive investment advice, but the fundamentals are the same as they’ve always been. A sufficiently diversified portfolio – held for as long as possible – consistently delivers the best investment returns.