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Back to work… really!

September 19, 2011 John 2

Yes, you really can make a significant amount of money with websites on autopilot. I’m thinking you could probably make even more if you put a little bit of work in to it.

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Venture Capital in Decline

February 23, 2011 John 0

A few years ago, VC investments were all of the rage. But now that the housing bubble has collapased and Wall Street is in retreat, what ever happened to all of those investors who dreamed of building the next big thing?

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Google Shifts Gears – to High Speed

January 20, 2011 John 0

Google announces a few changes in the organization of the executive board – except no one is leaving and no one wants to challenge the direction in which the company is headed.

Black friday

Black Friday Goes Online

November 25, 2010 John 2

Black Friday sales have become something of an American holiday tradition, but as quickly as it became embedded in our shopping culture it has also transformed to an online event.

Pictures from the housing crash

October 28, 2010 John 1

Some pictures from the housing bubble collapse in suburban Florida. Prices have dropped in half and the properties still might not be worth it.

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Even with this economy, search skills stay in demand

October 26, 2010 John 0

With the job market struggling, some anecdotal reports and media attention suggest a new corporate interest in hiring search engine managers and optimizers. SEO and SEM could be the buzzwords in business as big players adapt to a new, online media environment.

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In 2010, they expect you to pay for news

February 22, 2010 John 0

More newspapers are planning a shift toward premium and paid subscriptions for online content – but why do they expect anything to be different now that customers have even less discretionary income available?

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There’s that brick wall again

November 5, 2009 John 5

Too many plans, too many projects, and too much effort can leave you lying in bed sick. Somehow, that doesn’t stop me from trying – and finding – my limits.

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Business Weather Forecast: COLD!

October 24, 2009 John 0

Any green shoots economists had spotted have frozen over by now. Economic news continues to disappoint and many government programs have delivered underwhelming results compared to what was initially implied.

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Know Your Limits? I Don’t Seem to Know Mine

October 15, 2009 John 6

There’s only so much ambition and hard work you can fit in to a 24 hour time frame. Sometimes its good to reflect on the limits of your time and where priorities are assigned. Hopefully, I can get away with a bit less sleep for a while 😉