Bluehost vs Dreamhost

September 19, 2013 John 12

Bluehost vs. Dreamhost – Two very similar shared hosting companies with a few key differences that may determine which one is best for your website or online business plan.

Godaddy pretty much sucks

Alternatives to Godaddy

December 29, 2011 John 0

Now that customers are fleeing Godaddy, many are asking where exactly they should be headed! I’ve seen more than a few questions posted from those who are new to web building and unsure exactly who they should trust with their data, so I’ve compiled a short list of great hosting providers and domain registrars I have experience working with.


Bluehost vs Hostgator

July 27, 2011 John 9

Comparing the features and options, strengths and weaknesses of two popular shared hosting providers: Hostgator vs Bluehost.


Website Speed – Linode vs Bluehost

November 30, 2010 John 0

While Bluehost and Linode are in completely different hosting classes, the difference in price definitely translates in to a difference in speed. Here are the results from a Wordpress speed test on the two hosts.