Facebook boycott gains steam

July 1, 2020 John 0

Facebook has become a focal point in the ad market’s retreat from controversy and social media. Their actions going forward will determine just how much this backlash hurts their bottom line.

Reddit alien

Mainstreaming Reddit

August 6, 2013 John 0

Reddit is pushing hard – and well on its way – to being the next big thing on the internet, but the process threatens to undermine what made the community unique without necessarily delivering the profitability that Reddit’s parent company wants to see.

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Digg relaunches, takes archives offline

August 1, 2012 John 1

After a complete change in ownership, Digg is back online with a brand new design that completely unpublishes all of the 14,000,000 URLs Google previously had indexed on the domain. While the effects of these changes for Digg’s declining user-base and Google’s search results have yet to be seen, it is certain that the latest big splash is going to cause some waves in the online ecosystem. While the new Digg hasn’t exploded on to the scene as a superstar, but it isn’t inspiring the same kind of anger as earlier updates had. Will apathy be good enough to keep this one-time powerhouse online?


The wrong way(s) to use Twitter

April 2, 2011 John 1

Now that I’ve actually given Twitter a proper chance, I’ve learned about how I was using it in the completely wrong ways. Learn from my mistakes before missing out on the potential of the platform.


Cable and web providers fight back against internet TV

January 14, 2011 John 1

Many ISPs are heavily invested in cable and satellite television distribution, so they’ve got an interest in stifling internet TV and a position from which they can actually fight back. In the long run though, the old media models are simply doomed.

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Is Digg self destructing?

September 7, 2010 John 2

The newest release of Digg has gone online and the initial reaction has been quite negative. Will a new direction bring on a new set of users and a more viable business model, or drive away loyal long-time members?

Reddit alien

Reddit Mod Can’t Escape Controversy

March 19, 2010 John 1

If you thought that being outed as a marketer would be enough of a conflicting interest to cause moderators to be banned or at least demoted, then you’re wrong! Despite the backlash and fallout, Reddit’s most infamous mod is still trying to use her authority position to promote links and ban complaints. Does it all work out in the end? Of course not!

Marketers as moderators

When Marketers become Moderators

March 5, 2010 John 4

Taking on a powerful moderation position in a popular social website might seem like a dream gig for an online marketer, but the consequences of such conflicting interests can also backfire in a really crushing way.