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College & education affiliate programs – lessons from the niche that disappeared

September 19, 2013 John 0

There are no guarantees when it comes to promoting advertisers on the web. A favorite program may decide to shut down shop for all sorts of reasons, and some political & business developments can even wipe out an entire niche – practically overnight. The first step to protecting your online income from uncertainty is to be aware of the potential dangers you will eventually face.


Fastweb cancels affiliate program

July 1, 2011 John 5

One of the web’s oldest and most stable affiliate programs has vanished overnight. Find out how government, rather than a bad economy, just reduced the income of many web based publishers in the field of higher education.

Black friday

Black Friday Goes Online

November 25, 2010 John 2

Black Friday sales have become something of an American holiday tradition, but as quickly as it became embedded in our shopping culture it has also transformed to an online event.

Trust the data

Interest based ads might backfire

May 5, 2010 John 2

Google has recently enabled interest based ads designed to compile surfer history into more focused marketing – but does it actually improve click through rates and earnings per click or is it as bad for business as critics claim it is for privacy?

Advertising with Controversy

October 2, 2009 John 2

Americans are often afraid to advertise with controversy – and with good reason, considering the Puritanical roots of its nation. But this is the internet, and that means advertising to a more global audience… Sometimes the best way to be remembered is to create a controversy.

Heineken Ad

Does your ad really make the sale?

September 3, 2009 John 0

What is the intent of your advertising campaign? Do your ads make the sale, or bring in questions from potential customers, or does the point of the message just get lost in the delivery?


Does Google Hate Affiliate Marketing?

August 22, 2009 John 3

Does Google hate affiliate marketing, as some search writers claim? It may look that way, but it seems like what Google really dislikes are websites that act as middle-men without adding any value to the transactions they profit from.

Google Adsense

Is Advertising Becoming Too Personal?

March 21, 2009 John 3

Has online advertising gone too far in the quest to match the perfect ad to every unique and individual audience? One poster on Reddit seems to think so and the capture of his experience is creating a bit of a buzz.


Magpie Pushes Twitter Annoyance to New Limits

November 26, 2008 John 0

A new service – Magpie – attempts to monetize Twitter with an outside service and the general consensus is its a step too far in the direction of annoyance. Then again, advertising on Twitter may be inevitable as the company searches for a monetization strategy…

Fresher content is better

Link Bait – An Advertising Primer

November 7, 2008 John 0

A lot of people talk about internet buzzwords like link bait, social marketing, and 2.0 – but what does this actually mean? The jargon may sound professional, but the concepts of modern internet marketing show that not much is new under the sun in the world of advertising.

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Millennials and Website Advertising

October 21, 2008 John 0

Millenials are a huge demographic in the online world, but they can be skeptical and cynical of advertising. Is it overexposure to marketing or simply a lack of disposable income? Here’s how to deal with the biggest generation to go online.

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Add Value for your Customers

October 20, 2008 John 1

Why it is important to add value for your potential customers – how to stand out in a crowd of internet advertisers and marketers. Generate conversions by thinking about the customer and not the sale.

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Don’t Make your Visitors Click AWAY from your Ads

October 16, 2008 John 0

The advertisements you choose can affect not just how much you earn per visitor, it can have a huge impact on how many people visit and how your visitors respond to the experience of viewing and interacting with your website.

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Beware of Refunds – or How to Count Eggs and Chickens

September 21, 2008 John 0

The old adage to never count your chickens before they’ve hatched is just as relevant to the digital economic revolution as it was to the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago. Just because internet business is “new” doesn’t mean that the old wisdom doesn’t still apply.