NordVPN provides fast and cheap privacy

NordVPN Setup & Review

August 1, 2020 John 0

If you’re looking for an extra layer of privacy and security, NordVPN is the way to go. The world’s most popular VPN is known for keeping your data secured and anonymous without forcing you to sacrifice too much speed or utility. What can a VPN help with and is it right for you? Read on to learn more about these services, what they cost, and what they can provide.


Dreamhost Coupon Code – August 2020

August 1, 2020 John 12

There’s no reason to pay full price when starting up an account with a new web host. These Dreamhost coupon and promo codes have all been updated for August 2020 and they’ll guarantee the maximum cash discount for new users.

Wordpress Software

Migrating a large WordPress website to a new host or domain

July 20, 2020 John 0

Great plugins exist to simplify the process of migrating a Wordpress website, but if your site is too large you may run in to file size limits and other barriers to a quick transfer. Read on to learn about how to work around this common problem by taking advantage of database-only migration options or by taking full control with a fully manual Wordpress migration.


Facebook boycott gains steam

July 1, 2020 John 0

Facebook has become a focal point in the ad market’s retreat from controversy and social media. Their actions going forward will determine just how much this backlash hurts their bottom line.

Most customers want brands to take a side on political and social issues

Customers want brands to take a side, but advertisers don’t

June 16, 2020 John 0

Customers indicate that they appreciate it when brands take a side on controversial social and political issues, but doing so can alienate part of your audience. Advertisers are also showing extreme reluctance to promote themselves on content pages that address these controversies. What’s a publisher to do? Try doing what’s right, morally, instead of trying to turn every tragedy and controversy in to another opportunity to maximize revenues.

The traffic is great, but the ad market isn’t

April 4, 2020 John 0

Consumer spending has collapsed in virtually every sector measured by Bank of America, and advertising budgets have fallen proportionately. While webmasters may notice increased traffic, this isn’t turning in to increased sales or ad revenues.

Junk mail

Here’s what has (largely) stopped comment spam

March 20, 2020 John 0

Comment spam is the bane of webmasters. Whether you’re publishing a blog, bookmarking site, or public discussion forum, protecting against those who would hijack your site for their own marketing purposes is a never ending battle. Luckily for the users of these websites, there are a variety of protections in place that have greatly reduced the average surfer’s exposure to online comment spam. Here’s a little bit of history, context, and developments in the ongoing and unending war against spam.

nofollow is evolving in March 2020

15 years later, nofollow still hasn’t stopped spam

February 28, 2020 John 0

Nofollow was originally intended to fight spam, but it’s main effect has been to contribute toward a shrinking and more shallow internet. As of March 1, 2020, that trend is reversing and nofollow is evolving in to something better than what it was.

global equities sell off in response to coronavirus

Coronavirus – and fear – is infecting the global economy

February 28, 2020 John 0

Global markets are selling off frantically as coronovirus (COVID-2019) spreads around the world. While the vast majority of cases are likely to be mild, the infection has also shown an ability to cause enough serious cases to overwhelm local medical systems and disrupt global supply chains.

SSH protocol

How to enable SSH on a Raspberry Pi

February 23, 2020 John 0

SSH makes connecting to and accessing your Pi easy and secure. Learn how to set up remote administration and control of Linux servers and Raspberry Pis.

LAMP stack software

What is a LAMP stack?

February 20, 2020 John 0

Ever wondered what LAMP or a LAMP stack is, exactly? Here’s a brief explanation of each software component – Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP – and how they work together to create a light weight web server.


Dreamhost Pricing and Account Options

February 12, 2020 John 0

Dreamhost offers a lot more than just shared hosting, these days. In fact, all of the available choices can be a little disorienting! We’ve distilled the basic account options and calculated the pricing you can expect from a new Dreamhost hosting account. Click here to learn more and sign up today!

Your Portfolio Shouldn’t be Afraid of Going Green

January 29, 2020 John 0

If we are forced to choose between taking care of our environment or taking care of our investments, it’s likely that neither will turn out as we’ve hoped. Luckily, there are easy ways to position your portfolio to benefit from the shift to cleaner alternatives to fossil fuel.

40 years of the S&P 500 Index

Investing Simplified: Buy, Diversify, and Hold

January 23, 2020 John 0

Many companies sell expensive investment advice, but the fundamentals are the same as they’ve always been. A sufficiently diversified portfolio – held for as long as possible – consistently delivers the best investment returns.

Help a Reporter Out

What’s HARO and How Does it Help?

January 22, 2020 John 0

HARO is a popular web platform for connecting journalists with sources – and it can be a big boost for your marketing and content creation efforts! Find out how HARO works and what it can do for you as a web publisher.

Raspberry Pi

What to do with a Raspberry Pi

January 2, 2020 John 0

What’s a Raspberry Pi? Well, a Raspberry Pi can be a lot of things depending on what you want and need! Costs may also ultimately become a factor. especially if you can’t resist adding even more Pi projects to the to-do list.