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/shared/ is back for now

November 29, 2011 John 0

/shared/ is back online at after 13 months of procrastination and some other, more serious upgrade issues on another Pligg website with a huge database.

Pligg Content Management System

Fixing Pligg after a Server Move

April 3, 2010 John 0

A recent move across servers at my Dreamhost account left a few Pligg sites non-functional. Of course, for this particular error, implementing the solution was a lot simpler than actually finding the answer. could leave Twitter in the dust

March 29, 2010 John 5

As a content management system, the platform has a few advantages that can leave Twitter in the dust. While its unlikely to become the single largest public platform, the future of micro-blogging is actually likely to be found in niche communities of like-minded members.

Wordpress Software

WordPress 2.9.1 Upgrade Available

January 5, 2010 John 1

A new version of Wordpress is out, and an upgrade should help you stay secure while also preventing potential problems with scheduled posts and events.

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Forum Registration is Temporarily Disabled

September 24, 2009 John 2

If you’re trying to sign up for the forum, don’t sit around waiting for a confirmation email. The current server set up won’t ever actually send it 🙁 For now, you’ll just have to wait and participate on the blog!

Wordpress Software

Fixing the WordPress 302 Blues

August 26, 2009 John 2

The use of 302 redirects by Wordpress can lead to undesirable search indexing consequences. Luckily, there’s an easy to use plugin that will immediately convert all redirects to 301 http header codes.

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Vacation can be Hard

June 15, 2009 John 5

Security issues and website suspensions can happen at the worst time – Especially if you leave the country for a week or more on vacation. Here’s my horror story and how I plan to relax next time I’m going on holiday.

Wordpress Software

Adding Google Search to WordPress Websites

January 15, 2009 John 4

I have added a Google search function for the site, so I am posting a walk-through tutorial chronically the process. Implementing a money-making on-site search engine might be easier than you think!

Wordpress Software

WordPress Plugins I Use and Recommend

October 7, 2008 John 0

My favorite three Wordpress plugins – if you want to keep things simple, this is all you will ever need. Of course, there are thousands of other great addons for whatever kind of crazy website plans you can come up with!

Pligg Content Management System

How to Install Pligg on Dreamhost

October 7, 2008 John 0

Guide to installing Pligg on Dreamhost – anyone can set up this content management software with just following the directions on screen and a few clicks