C# Player's Guide

The C# Player’s Guide: a review

December 29, 2020 John 0

Are you looking for a book to help you learn C#? The C# Player’s Guide by RB Whitaker helped me learn everything I needed to know to start producing complete Windows applications – but there are some limitations to this book, as well, and more advanced users might be interested in a more advanced guide.

SSH protocol

How to enable SSH on a Raspberry Pi

February 23, 2020 John 0

SSH makes connecting to and accessing your Pi easy and secure. Learn how to set up remote administration and control of Linux servers and Raspberry Pis.

LAMP stack software

What is a LAMP stack?

February 20, 2020 John 0

Ever wondered what LAMP or a LAMP stack is, exactly? Here’s a brief explanation of each software component – Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP – and how they work together to create a light weight web server.

Raspberry Pi

What to do with a Raspberry Pi

January 2, 2020 John 0

What’s a Raspberry Pi? Well, a Raspberry Pi can be a lot of things depending on what you want and need! Costs may also ultimately become a factor. especially if you can’t resist adding even more Pi projects to the to-do list.


What’s a database and how do websites use them?

January 1, 2020 John 0

If you’re starting to look under the hood of your website or thinking about how to create custom web applications, one of the first things to learn about is what databases are – and how websites use them. This brief introduction will explain some of the basic concepts involved so that you can start understanding exactly how websites and content management systems work.