SEMrush review: it kind of sucks

October 31, 2020 John 2

SEMrush heavily advertises their SEO tools and utilities, but are they any good? I signed up last week to try it out, but it turns out that it has a pretty weak backlink database, questionable analysis, and canceling a subscription takes longer than it should.

Comparative SEO

October 7, 2020 John 0

While everyone has theories and ideas about how SEO works, the only way to be sure is to investigate the sites that are actually ranking at the top. When it comes to comparative SEO, it’s all about dropping your preconceptions and embracing the evidence.

Junk mail

Here’s what has (largely) stopped comment spam

March 20, 2020 John 0

Comment spam is the bane of webmasters. Whether you’re publishing a blog, bookmarking site, or public discussion forum, protecting against those who would hijack your site for their own marketing purposes is a never ending battle. Luckily for the users of these websites, there are a variety of protections in place that have greatly reduced the average surfer’s exposure to online comment spam. Here’s a little bit of history, context, and developments in the ongoing and unending war against spam.

nofollow is evolving in March 2020

15 years later, nofollow still hasn’t stopped spam

February 28, 2020 John 0

Nofollow was originally intended to fight spam, but it’s main effect has been to contribute toward a shrinking and more shallow internet. As of March 1, 2020, that trend is reversing and nofollow is evolving in to something better than what it was.


A Cleaner Road to Ranking and SEO

July 16, 2017 John 2

Google has suggested that it is possible to rank for moderately competitive keywords with only on-site optimization, but is it really possible? Early results from an experiment for a local business suggest great results that could revolutionize what we know of SEO.

Google Cracks Down on Fake News

February 23, 2017 John 0

NaturalNews has been scrubbed from Google index and cache results. The site often peddled in pseudo-science and medical misinformation, and this likely signals a shift to exile fake news from the online zeitgeist.

Delivering the latest headlines

Confirmed: Publication Date Effects Search Standing

February 9, 2015 John 0

A quick experiment has confirmed what was already suspected – that the publication date on a piece of content can have a large influence on how that content ranks in the search engines. With no other changes, a one-year difference in publishing date seems to correlate with about two and a half pages worth of search ranks.

Content Freshness and Speed for SEO

February 7, 2015 John 0

The fundamental foundation of good SEO hasn’t changed: before your site can even be considered you need a web server that provides safe and swift content delivery. You also need up to date content! Only after these factors are in place can one start to look at crossing the gap to the top few search spots.