Dreamhost Coupon – October 2020


All listed Dreamhost coupons have been reviewed for accuracy and maximum savings as of October 2020

Important Update: The Dreamhost coupon program was completely revamped about three years ago! Instead of the customized discounts that used to be available, they now just offer standard promotions that can be redeemed by any new customer.

For October of 2020, that means the best coupon available is the $50 new account discount, and it can be accessed by using the following link:

$50 Off Dreamhost Hosting

This coupon is available for any new customer who would like to receive $50 off their first Dreamhost hosting invoice. No strings and no catch – just fifty bucks off!

All you have to do to take advantage of these discounts is click on your favorite code to open up Dreamhost’s home page. From there, just scroll down to the bottom to where it says “Sign up” in the footer. Of course, you can check out Dreamhost’s seasonal deals, but the coupons do tend to be a better bargain.

To sign up with a coupon, just click on your favorite discount to open a new registration form with that code automatically included or copy and paste the code into the promo field at signup. Then select which hosting service you’d like to register, pick your domain, and pay. That’s all there is to it!

Dreamhost coupon instructions

How good is Dreamhost?

dreamhost features

Dreamhost is one of the most popular hosting services – and for good reason. They’ve been in business since 1996 so they’ve seen the changes in the web industry and they’ve always been ready to adapt.

For new users, setting up your first website is a breeze. The intuitive and unique administration panel makes it easy to register a domain name, set up hosting for the domain name, and install popular content management systems like WordPress in just a few clicks.

For more advanced users, VPS and cloud options are available. They’re faster, easier to customize, and provide a great environment for all sorts of development projects. At the top end, their managed hosting plans are among the best. It’s expensive, but these plans come with a lot of server power and great technical support.

Can I use a Dreamhost coupon for account renewal?

Unfortunately, coupons are only available for new users. Don’t worry though, the regular prices at Dreamhost are extremely competitive with other web hosts who don’t offer as much flexibility in their plans. So while the prices you can get with a coupon aren’t sustainable for their business, they are confident that you’ll love the service and stick around.

More About Dreamhost Hosting

Are you still trying to decide if Dreamhost is the right website hosting solution for you? If you are looking for more information, be sure to check out this Dreamhost review based on my own experiences with the company’s services.  I’m currently running a few WordPress blogs and a couple of Pligg social bookmarking sites on a standard shared account, and I haven’t have any complaints since a little bit of slowness when my account was first set up and server loads were being balanced.

In fact, it’s been close to ten years that I’ve been hosting websites with Dreamhost and it really just keeps getting better. They’ve always adding new features, software, and management options; it’s easier than ever to set up a VPS; and they’re definitely keeping up with the latest hardware technology (you can tell from the performance!) Overall, with prices considered, I have to give Dreamhost a 5 out of 5 stars. No doubt.

About the Dreamhost Coupons

If you’re thinking about signing up for Dreamhost and trying out a free trial, be sure to take advantage of the optional promo code field so you can save money on your purchase or upgrade your hosting account!  Once you register, you won’t be able to go back and add a coupon code after the fact.

Dreamhost Software

Be sure to read up and review the software that can be quickly installed on Dreamhost to see if they have the right content management software for the website you want to build.  Even if you’re not technically inclined or experienced with building websites, this guide can help you get a site installed and online. Its never been so easy to set up dynamic websites on shared hosting as it is today!

Of course, don’t forget to share the coupon codes and the savings. Feel free to include a link to this site or email your webmaster friends a copy of the Dreamhost coupon codes in this small PDF file.

Additional promo codes:

Attention: The following coupon codes are no longer active as of this latest update. If it has been crossed out, this deal is not currently available. We’ll constantly be checking back with Dreamhost to ensure we’ve got all the best codes that are still valid!

Saves50 – $50 / no setup coupon

Use this coupon code to get $50 off any Dreamhost hosting plan (including monthly accounts). The $50 coupon is the maximum discount code available that can be applied to any duration of hosting service, so this is a great choice if you’re reluctant to make a long term commitment.

75for1year – $75 off 12 month and longer plans

Ready to sign up for a year or more, but think that 5 years is just too long?  That’s OK, we also have a coupon for 12 month and longer plans.  Not only do you get to avoid the setup fee, you’ll also receive a $75 discount on your hosting.  Compared the monthly cost, you’ll save over $100 for the year!

PromoIPunique – Add one extra free lifetime unique IP to any Dreamhost account, and save $20 too

If you’re running a secure connection for e-commerce or even if you want a unique IP address for ranking factors, this code will get you started and saving money on that optional upgrade. In addition to having a free unique IP for the lifetime of your Dreamhost account, you’ll also save $20 on the initial registration price! This is a total discount of $67.40 for the first year, and another $47.40 for every year you take advantage of the unique IP address. In just a few years, this deal could add up to a huge discount.

IPdotCom – Free lifetime unique IP and two extra domain registrations

Save $67.40 every year with a free unique IP address and an additional two free domain registrations for as long as you keep the account open.  You’ll get a total of 3 free domain registrations every year, and the unique IP address will help you save you money if you’re installing SSH or need the unique address in order to preserve your site’s identity, location, and reputation.

3Free4Life – 3 Free Extra Domains Coupon

Ready to go all out and get a bunch of websites running ASAP? Here’s a coupon for anyone planning to build up a lot of domains over the long haul. If you sign up with the coupon 3Free4Life, you’ll get three extra domain registrations, in addition to the one you already get for free with every Dreamhost hosting plan.

The host will continue to pay for the renewal of all four of these domains for as long as your account is active and you have the websites hosted with them. This means that every year you stay with the company, you’ll save $40 on domain registration. In the long run, this is one of the best deals around!

BizAndBlog – One extra lifetime domain and a $30 cash discount

Use the Dreamhost code BIZANDBLOG to get one extra lifetime domain registration and $30 cash off any purchased plan. This set up is perfect for starting a business-oriented website and a blog for marketing or personal purposes – or for anyone who just needs two domains.

webhosting servers


Everyone loves discounts, and no one likes to pay full price – so save some cash today with your favorite promo code.  There is nothing to lose – every Dreamhost account comes with a free trial period and a 97-day money back guarantee.  Even with such a generous cash back guarantee, Dreamhost has been active in the hosting business for more than twenty years – long enough to become one of the largest and most trusted web hosts on the internet.  And they’re so sure you’ll enjoy it too that they’re giving away all of these crazy discounts just to get you to try it out!

So don’t miss out on the discounts available – find your favorite discount code in the list and start saving money on hosting today! And remember – to save the most money, combine the limited edition promo code with the everyday savings of a five year or ten year plan. You’ll get high quality Dreamhost web hosting for about fifty bucks a year – and that’s practically nothing when you consider how much money you can potentially earn by publishing your own websites online.

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