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Year in review – 2014 in the web biz

A look back on the major online business trends of 2014 with an eye out for the future in 2015!

Out to lunch - be back someday

Owning websites can help make your schedule flexible, but they won’t run on autopilot forever!

Most of the scummy “make money systems” out there will promise you that owning and operating your own website is the key to an automated income and a life of leisure. Well, there might be some truth to the increase in leisure time available, but your websites definitely won’t run on their own forever. Even […]


Grad school is crazy…

Updates have been pretty slow around here, but financial circumstances related to having a fiancee in grad school have forced me to take up another job elsewhere on the web. While my own sites will have to be limited to a part time gig on nights and weekends, working online still manages to keep the bills paid in a small town with no local economy to speak of. Theoretically, the new arrangement should be a little bit more stable for a one-income house dealing with the wake of an increasingly fickle Google algorithm.

Black friday

Skipping Black Friday felt good

The term Black Friday was introduced to the American culture at some point back in the 1960s, but back then journalists advised people to stay at home to avoid the congestion and bad attitudes that go along with rampant consumerism and masses of shoppers who are hunting for the next deal. At some point in the last ten years, this dark day seems to have morphed in to an actual celebration of all the greediest and most selfish instincts we have. This year, however, I had a great Thanksgiving and all I had to do was tune Black Friday out. Did I miss out on big savings… or stumble across an even sweeter deal?


Sprint update: Always dispute bogus charges

A lot of people tend to panic when they receive notification of debt collection activity, and more than a few have paid up on false claims just to protect their credit rating or business’ reputation. It is important to remember, though, that you don’t have to give in to the shakedown because there are legal protections available to those who dispute debt claims being made against them. My recent experience with Sprint has already shown some positive results, and we’ve barely even begun the dispute process! Find out how to protect your credit score and bank account from shady businesses and their favorite debt collectors.

Five O'Clock Fred

Five o’Clock Fred’s 8 Funny Drawbacks To Working In A Cubicle

Five O’ Clock Fred presents a humorous look at some of the downsides to working in a cubicle. If you’re already stuck in one from nine to five you might not need a reminder, but you might still get a good laugh out of it!


Facebook IPO aftermath: This status update brought to you by Morgan Stanley

In the aftermath of the Facebook IPO, there are some clear winners and clear losers – as well as a lot of unanswered questions about the role of the banks underwriting the stock. Why, exactly, are some of the biggest banks convinced the stock is worth twice what the revenues would imply? Here’s one theory…


The joys of health insurance while self-employed

Shopping for health insurance can be a frustrating task, but if you know what the jargon means it gets a whole lot easier. With costs the way they are and customer service at all time lows, a little bit of comparison shopping can go a long way.


Lessons from the dropped domain backorder that got away

Registering a quality new domain is no small task, so web publishers are increasingly turning to backorders and auctions to secure the brands and keywords they’re after. Find out what I learned from a recently failed attempt to grab a great domain through the backorder process.


Facebook Aims Big with an Overpriced IPO

Facebook is seeking to raise big money in an IPO that values the company at nearly $100 billion. However, such a valuation puts the price to earnings ratios in a rather unsustainable place that will require big growth and aggressive monetization.


The secret of success… is often failure

A vast majority of new businesses and startups will fail – so then what is an ex-entrepreneur to do? The experiences earned in running your own business can be valuable, so knowing when it call it quits and how to follow through with a backup plan could be the greatest success pulled from the ashes of a stalled out business plan.


Diversify to Manage Surprises

Diversifying your web holdings is a great way to avoid the disruptions caused by shifting affiliate options and bigger economic trends. Find out more about the benefits and risks of the online diversification strategy.


Back to work… really!

Yes, you really can make a significant amount of money with websites on autopilot. I’m thinking you could probably make even more if you put a little bit of work in to it.


Dot anything and the future of domain names

ICANN is talking about selling top level domains to brands, but the price and potential problems will limit participation to a few, and that means not a whole lot is going to change.


The personal perils of small-scale web success

Or… how I learned to stop worrying and love new hobbies Have you ever set goals for yourself? They help us keep track of where we are at and where we want to be headed. Some of them are mundane: like setting a goal of finishing the laundry, or cleaning up the dishes before anything […]


Oil is headed back to unsustainable prices

A few macro indicators are pointing to a new crisis for the economy, and it looks like oil prices could lead the way to our next financial panic and contraction.


Venture Capital in Decline

A few years ago, VC investments were all of the rage. But now that the housing bubble has collapased and Wall Street is in retreat, what ever happened to all of those investors who dreamed of building the next big thing?


Google Shifts Gears – to High Speed

Google announces a few changes in the organization of the executive board – except no one is leaving and no one wants to challenge the direction in which the company is headed.


A Great Christmas for the Web Business

The research data and my anecdotes agree: Christmas 2010 was a great year for online business.


Comcast Escalates the Web Business Debate

Comcast stirs up the debate – who is going to pay for all of this extra bandwidth demand created by the growth of online media distribution?