Godaddy pretty much sucks

Godaddy faces customer exodus over SOPA support

December 29, 2011 John 1

Godaddy has taken an unpopular position on a controversial piece of proposed legislation, and the result is a massive grass-roots exodus and boycott against their hosting and domain registration services. While the support for SOPA is enough of a reason in itself to avoid doing business with Godaddy, there are plenty of other controversial political positions and shoddy customer service problems that make this boycott a good idea.

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The secret of success… is often failure

December 22, 2011 John 2

A vast majority of new businesses and startups will fail – so then what is an ex-entrepreneur to do? The experiences earned in running your own business can be valuable, so knowing when it call it quits and how to follow through with a backup plan could be the greatest success pulled from the ashes of a stalled out business plan.

Dell 11z

Dell 11z from Sprint Reviewed

December 21, 2011 John 0

The Dell 11z being offered through Sprint is extremely portable and affordable, but other than that there are a whole lot of problems that prevent it from being an efficient way to work on the go. From low power to bad configurations and instability, there are probably much better tools to be productive when you’re away from your desk.

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Too fresh for your niche

December 12, 2011 John 1

A flaw in Google’s most recent freshness update may have the unintended effect of promoting outdated information within certain niche topics. If that niche seems dominated by stale sites, being fresh and new might even end up as a big liability.

Dreamhost web hosting

Dreamhost Review

December 4, 2011 John 3

A review of Dreamhost shared hosting services after about eight months of website hosting. Who should use Dreamhost and who might want to consider alternatives

Pligg Content Management System

/shared/ is back for now

November 29, 2011 John 0

/shared/ is back online at after 13 months of procrastination and some other, more serious upgrade issues on another Pligg website with a huge database.

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Goodbye, Yahoo Site Explorer!

November 27, 2011 John 2

Yahoo Site Explorer shut down this week, and that leaves me and many SEOs looking for a new place to get backlink research information.

Black friday

Black Friday Hosting Deals 2011

November 25, 2011 John 1

Some of my favorite hosting providers are offering great deals this Black Friday. Learn more about the hosting discounts available for 11/25/11

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Diversify to Manage Surprises

October 3, 2011 John 0

Diversifying your web holdings is a great way to avoid the disruptions caused by shifting affiliate options and bigger economic trends. Find out more about the benefits and risks of the online diversification strategy.

Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator Coupon and Promo Codes

September 28, 2011 John 10

Hostgator coupon and promo codes – Get 25% off any Hostgator plan or a free month of hosting. Baby, Hatchling, Business, Reseller, it doesn’t matter what hosting plan you pick because its all cheaper with these coupon codes.

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Back to work… really!

September 19, 2011 John 2

Yes, you really can make a significant amount of money with websites on autopilot. I’m thinking you could probably make even more if you put a little bit of work in to it.


Bluehost vs Hostgator

July 27, 2011 John 9

Comparing the features and options, strengths and weaknesses of two popular shared hosting providers: Hostgator vs Bluehost.


Fastweb cancels affiliate program

July 1, 2011 John 5

One of the web’s oldest and most stable affiliate programs has vanished overnight. Find out how government, rather than a bad economy, just reduced the income of many web based publishers in the field of higher education.

Out to lunch - be back someday

Limits of Inactivity

June 20, 2011 John 1

A blog can continue to make money for long after it has become inactive, but to maximize your revenue you’ll have to keep it at least somewhat up to date – and make sure those new links are flowing!