SEMrush review: it kind of sucks

October 31, 2020 John 2

SEMrush heavily advertises their SEO tools and utilities, but are they any good? I signed up last week to try it out, but it turns out that it has a pretty weak backlink database, questionable analysis, and canceling a subscription takes longer than it should.

Comparative SEO

October 7, 2020 John 0

While everyone has theories and ideas about how SEO works, the only way to be sure is to investigate the sites that are actually ranking at the top. When it comes to comparative SEO, it’s all about dropping your preconceptions and embracing the evidence.

NASDAQ saw a significant correction on Thursday

NASDAQ corrects – to last Wednesday’s level

September 4, 2020 John 0

Stocks, led by the tech sector, retreated on questionable job adjustments Thursday. Is the market still showing signs of bubble mentality, or has this correction brought us back closer to realistic and sustainable valuations?

Evolution of the dotcom bubble

Looking back at the dotcom bubble

September 3, 2020 John 0

The current NASDAQ rally can be a little dizzying, but it’s still relatively minor compared to the dotcom mania of the late 1990s. Looking back at that prior tech bubble provides some insights to our current market and what it means for the future of tech businesses.

USPS slowdown is hurting online business

Post office slowdown already hurts online business

August 13, 2020 John 0

Postal workers and customers are starting to notice the effects of Trump’s appointment to postmaster general. Letters and packages are suddenly getting lost or taking excessive amounts of time to arrive – and small online businesses are paying the price.

NordVPN provides fast and cheap privacy

NordVPN setup & review

August 1, 2020 John 0

If you’re looking for an extra layer of privacy and security, NordVPN is the way to go. The world’s most popular VPN is known for keeping your data secured and anonymous without forcing you to sacrifice too much speed or utility. What can a VPN help with and is it right for you? Read on to learn more about these services, what they cost, and what they can provide.

Wordpress Software

Migrating a large WordPress website to a new host or domain

July 20, 2020 John 1

Great plugins exist to simplify the process of migrating a Wordpress website, but if your site is too large you may run in to file size limits and other barriers to a quick transfer. Read on to learn about how to work around this common problem by taking advantage of database-only migration options or by taking full control with a fully manual Wordpress migration.


Facebook boycott gains steam

July 1, 2020 John 0

Facebook has become a focal point in the ad market’s retreat from controversy and social media. Their actions going forward will determine just how much this backlash hurts their bottom line.

Most customers want brands to take a side on political and social issues

Customers want brands to take a side, but advertisers don’t

June 16, 2020 John 0

Customers indicate that they appreciate it when brands take a side on controversial social and political issues, but doing so can alienate part of your audience. Advertisers are also showing extreme reluctance to promote themselves on content pages that address these controversies. What’s a publisher to do? Try doing what’s right, morally, instead of trying to turn every tragedy and controversy in to another opportunity to maximize revenues.

The traffic is great, but the ad market isn’t

April 4, 2020 John 0

Consumer spending has collapsed in virtually every sector measured by Bank of America, and advertising budgets have fallen proportionately. While webmasters may notice increased traffic, this isn’t turning in to increased sales or ad revenues.