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Forget about economic recovery – adapt to the new market

May 23, 2009 John 1

The economy isn’t going to recover any time soon – and when it does recover, it probably still won’t be anything like the pre-2008 market conditions. Business trends can fluctuate over a long time horizon, and current shifts indicate a new paradigm of frugality may be here to stay for a while.

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Websites – the Victory Garden 2.0

March 25, 2009 John 1

When the going gets tough, the tough get to work. In the 1930s and 1940s, we have the victory garden – and while backyard farming is on the rise, it isn’t the only way to make money at home with a small capital investment.

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Building Websites is the Cheapest Way to Work from Home

March 23, 2009 John 0

Want to work from home but are scared by constant stories of scams and companies that want large up front fees just to provide you with information? Invest in yourself instead, and start building websites on domains you own – it is the safest and cheapest way to start to make an income online.

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Online Business Competition Heats Up

March 13, 2009 John 1

Online business competition is on the rise and I’ll need to actually embrace some of this social media to survive. Can an anti-social internet marketer get by in a social media world?

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More Bubble 2.0 – Too Big to Profit

January 25, 2009 John 2

More about the internet bubble version 2.0 – this edition is focused on why companies online end up “too big to profit.” Size and scale may be great for manufacturing, but for internet advertising it is an inevitably doomed prospect.

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No Bailout for Online Business – Get Ready to Pay the Bill

December 20, 2008 John 1

We’ve become a bailout nation and no business can fully ignore the consequences of this new political paradigm. The bad news is, unless you’ve already got a check from the government to save your business, you shouldn’t be expecting one. If anything, get ready for the bill to come due. These bailouts aren’t free you know!

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Seek Opportunity but don’t Trivialize the Crash

November 25, 2008 John 0

There may be glimmers of hope here and there, but the overall outlook is still pretty bleak. I may have understated this with the last article so I’ll take a slightly more detailed look at the financial situation and where the macro economy is headed from here.

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Why Every Business Needs a Blog

November 14, 2008 John 1

“Every business needs a blog” You’ve probably heard it so much it seems cliche – well, it may be repeated often but that’s only because it is true.

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Why do these Internet Marketers Need a Job?

November 3, 2008 John 2

Why do these SEOs and self-proclaimed marketing gurus need a job from your company? Here are some important questions human resource managers and corporate strategists should be asking before hiring someone for online advertising purposes – and some important things for the SEOs and marketing specialists to ask about themselves in order to justify their want of a job.

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Internet Bubble 2.0 – Yahoo and Abrite

October 22, 2008 John 0

Is there a Bubble Version 2.0 popping? It probably won’t be as severe as the first internet bubble, but Yahoo and Adbrite are showing us that the coming round will be about saving costs and raising profits – not about insane investment deals and lavish executive salaries

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Local News can Survive Online

August 25, 2008 John 0

A lot of local newspapers are going under as they face higher advertising and business competition – but if they adapt to new technology, new business models, and new concepts of syndication – the local newspaper publishers can still grow