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Anhosting Coupon Codes

December 19, 2008 John 2

Anhosting coupon codes available for 2009 – don’t pay full price for web hosting when there are so many coupons and promotions available online!

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Why Hosting Accounts Get Suspended

December 9, 2008 John 8

The most common reasons I see for hosting account suspensions and cancellations. Protect yourself by following the rules of your host, the laws of the land, and always keep a recent backup ready to move to your next hosting account if the worst happens!

Dreamhost web hosting

$100 Dreamhost Coupon

November 2, 2008 John 0

Good news – I’ve got five more of the $150 to $200 Dreamhost coupon codes. Click here to get the biggest discount available for Dreamhost web hosting in 2009. These deals aren’t permanent, so there’s no saying how long they’ll last.

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Hosting Sales – Can a Growing Business be Saturated, too?

November 1, 2008 John 0

Is hosting a growth industry or one that is saturated with competition and noise? There’s a lot of money to be made so don’t listen to those who are trying to talk you out of advertising this business. Every webmaster needs a web host (or three!)

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What to Look for in Website Hosting

October 17, 2008 John 2

The basics you need to consider before choosing a website hosting provider. Regardless of your specific business plan, there are some fundamental quality standards that you should put in place before getting anywhere near a final decision.

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Are Unlimited Hosting Offers Unethical or Misleading?

October 3, 2008 John 1

A lot of website hosts are offering unlimited plans or at least using different measures of resources than disk space and bandwidth. Are these headlines of “unlimited” unethical and misleading? Its marketing, and its why it is always important to read the fine details and understand the real limitations that all web hosts have to deal with.

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Popular Free Website Hosting

September 18, 2008 John 3

I wouldn’t usually recommend a free website hosting service, but sometimes free is the the exact price you want to pay. Some of the free services are even pretty good…


Limited Supply Dreamhost Coupon Codes

September 3, 2008 John 0

Get big cash savings for long-term hosting plans and extremely generous storage and bandwidth allowances for the life of the account with these limited supply Dreamhost coupon codes

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Shared Hosting is kind of like Fractional Reserve Banking

August 26, 2008 John 0

Maybe there is a problem with overselling at some companies who take shared hosting limits too far, but the very concept of shared hosting and even our fractional reserve banking system kind of hinges on the ability of the provider of the service to “oversell”

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True Costs of Free Web Hosting

August 15, 2008 John 2

The true costs of free web hosting services. Even without a dollar cost, trusting your web to free hosts can be a risk and inconvenience