Can You Make Money Online with Free Hosting?

The good news is “Yes,” it is completely possible to make money online with free website hosting.

That’s right, you can have online income without spending a single penny. So long as you can write interesting content and promote your website, you can find advertisers that will pay you to publish their ads on your internet sites. Some free hosts like WordPress won’t let you monetize your free website, but places like Blogger will let you put any ads you like and sites like Squidoo or Hubpages will help you get pages published and commercialized as long as you provide the content.

Free Hosting Financial Opportunities:

Squidoo – Squidoo incorporates some advertisements into every lens that is published. They use a few PPC networks and you also have easy access to setting up product-lists through their in-house affiliate agreements with major retail distributors. No doubt about it – Squidoo is the quickest and easiest way to start selling CDs, books, or DVDs through an online storefront. You won’t ever pay money to Squidoo but they will pay you once you’ve earned enough money to trigger your desired payout. They’ve even got resources and a great community that can help you out with promotion and building traffic.

It can be tough to get a big share of the PPC revenue, so if you get some good traffic to a lot of lenses, check out ClickBank as a pay-per-action solution to add to your cut of the monthly Squidoo haul.

Hubpages – I haven’t used this one but I probably should. From what I understand they put ads on their user-submitted content and they do revenue sharing with the authors. In addition, you can add a few links to your posts like an Article Directory might let you, so you could theoretically use those backlinks to link back to your other free hosted website at Squidoo or Blogspot. Only popular posts at Hubpages get dofollow backlinks, though, so don’t spam this place up or you’ll really just waste your own time.

Google Blogspot – This is a great place to host a free blog enabled for all types of commercial activity. They make sure it is especially easy to incorporate your Google Adsense ads into your blog pages, and you’re free to insert any kind of affiliate links you like (use the common standard of adding “nofollow” to all your affiliate links – make sure Google knows it is a paid link of sorts)

You don’t have to invest anything to get in the website building business

You don’t even have to buy hosting thanks to these services! There are still issues and problems associated with free hosting, but once you realize that it is possible to make money without spending anything you’ll be closer to the financial goals you’ve set and you’ll be less likely to fall for the sorts of scams that can end up costing you a lot of that money none of us can afford to lose these days.


  1. The caveat of free hosting is that they can be unstable when it comes to the performance. I have also heard to said that sometimes free web hosting services just stop offering everything for free and only way to get your website back is to pay.

    Another thing considering free hosting is the credibility. Free websites come with longer ‘domain names’ (they are actually directories) including the hosting company’s domain name so that drops off a pretty chunk of credibility.

  2. I been offering free web hosting since 2007. I am making little progress in converting my free hosting customer to paid users.

    This maybe because I am being too over generous not placing advertising on the clients website, I am also offering 250 MB Space, 5 GB monthly Data, including free Anti virus and auto script installer.

    Maybe I’ll implement some of the ideas and tips discussed in this blog.

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