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Dreamhost web hosting

Good news for anyone looking to sign up for long-term web hosting. Dreamhost has provided me with five more limited edition coupon codes that give up to a $100 discount so long as you sign up for two years up front. Now, this is a lot more cash off than the standard Dreamhost coupon codes available online!

To top that, you’ll get four times the normal disk space and monthly bandwidth allocation. That means 2TB disk storage and 20TB bandwidth transferred each month.

Dreamhost Coupon List:

The only bad news is that there’s no cash discount on these coupons if you’re signing up for any period shorter than five years. You will still get the extra bandwidth and storage space* but you’ll need to use another dreamhost coupon if you want to sign up on a shorter term and pay less than the normal pricing structure.

*Account disk storage has to be used for files that are live on the internet – this isn’t designed for personal backups! Just make sure your files are accessible to the public through a working URL.

And as always, every Dreamhost account comes with a free domain registration and annual renewal.

Now, I know that two years sounds like a serious commitment, so maybe you want to try it out before you agree to something so long term. And that’s completely perfect because every Dreamhost account comes with a no questions asked 97-day money-back guarantee! So there’s no reason to wait, sign up now for big savings and if you don’t like it, get every penny back some time in the next three months.

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