Anhosting Coupon Codes

Simply copy the coupon code and click on the link to sign up with a reduced price on any Anhost hosting account

25% off any Anhosting purchase, copy and use the coupon:


Copy the Anhosting coupon code and click on the banner to get three months free with a new Anhosting account. That definitely rocks.

This coupon code is available until summer arrives, and then we’ll be sure to update our page to ensure you get the most recent promotional deal available.

Anhosting is another great hosting choice for new webmasters or anyone looking for another shared hosting account, and to make the deal better they’re offering coupon codes as an incentive to anyone who signs up.

Anhosting is a brand of Midphase hosting, and they’ve won no shortage of awards. I haven’t personally used the hosting service, so I can’t speak from my own experience, but they’ve been recommended by a lot of familiar names in the web hosting industry.

For just $6.95 a month, you’ll get a free domain name, 500 GB of disk space, 5000 GB of monthly bandwidth, and you can host up to 20 domains on a single account. MYSQL databases, FTP accounts, email addresses, and subdomains are completely unlimited. Even though the regular cost is extremely competitive, you won’t need to give up functionality at all – just 23 cents a day gets you a web hosting service that can build a miniature web empire. Everything you need to make money online is included – even one-click installs if you’re unsure of your ability to code & design web pages. Just pick a domain, install some server-side software, add the content & ads, and let the world know about your site! Those few steps are really all it takes to get a site online and making money.

Spread the word about your organization or keep in touch with your friends – heck you can even build your own online community around any topic of interest. Just install some forum or social bookmarking software to get your online neighborhood built quickly at a very reasonable price.

Let me know if you find any other coupons or more experience with the company and you’d like to share your review! As we mentioned earlier, this coupon will only be good until spring is over. Hopefully, we’ll have more discounts available for Anhosting in the summer, but I can’t guarantee that the deal will be this good then!

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