Limited Supply Dreamhost Coupon Codes


Dreamhost is always offering various discount coupons and promo codes as an incentive for new account sign-ups (as well as to track who gets credited with a sale). Typical coupon codes are usually worth $50 or a little bit more in equivalent account upgrades, but once in a while they come out with discounts that are limited in supply and/or time-frame of eligibility.

Want the inside scoop? Here’s the biggest Dreamhost coupon you can get in 2008:

DreamHost Invitation codes:

  • 882564958942
  • Are each good only one time!
  • Up our shared hosting plan features to 2TB disk and 20TB bandwidth!
  • Get $150 off a 5-year signup or $200 off a 10-year signup!

Are you considering a long term hosting plan? Then this is probably the Dreamhost coupon you’re looking for. Here’s what I’ll do…

Since these codes are in limited supply, I’m going to post one until someone uses it and then I’ll post the next one until I’ve run out.

I have a total of five (not sure if I can get anymore after that) and two are already gone within just a few days. This particular offer won’t be around for long!

Dreamhost Coupon Code for 2008:

(Click on the link or copy and paste the promo code to be re-directed to Dreamhost’s signup page with the coupon pre-populated for your convenience)

Check it out! Remember, Dreamhost always offers a 97 day money-back guarantee. If you’re not sure you want to make the huge long-term commitment up front, you can always go in and look and test things and make the decision from there.

If you are looking to pay monthly or yearly, make sure to check out our other Dreamhost coupon codes to get big discounts on even short term accounts. There are codes for cash off, free domains, dedicated IP addresses, increased bandwidth, more GBs of storage, and combinations of all of the above!

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