No $97 Dreamhost coupon since 2007 – but we have the best cash Dreamhost discounts in 2008

Dreamhost web hosting

As of 10/1/2011 I’m glad to announce that we’ve got a Dreamhost coupon that’s better than $97 off! Unfortunately there are still a lot of people who are pushing outdated coupons, so be careful and be sure your discounts are up to date!

Right now, as of August 9, 2013, we’ve got the largest cash discount from Dreamhost available:


$100 off any Dreamhost 2 year sign up!

Get four times the regular disk space and bandwidth

There’s a lot of paid advertising by people trying to offer $97 Dreamhost coupons, but I have to say this promise is pretty misleading. See, Dreamhost discountinued the $97 code near the end of 2007 – and any of those promo codes only provide a $50 cash discount if they’re being used today.

I mean, feel free to try them out and see what kind of discount you get. I’m just telling you in advance that they’ll only be worth $50 off 🙂

If you are looking for that max cash Dreamhost coupon, we have a whole list of Dreamhost discounts to choose from here at

You can use Saves50 to save $50 on Dreamhost services right now, or you can look around at the complete list and find something that fits your personal website building business model.

Need a lot of domains for a long period of time? 3Free4Life will give you a total of four domains registered every year for the life of your Dreamhost hosting account. After two years, this Dreamhost code would give a bigger discount than just $50 cash – and after four years it would even be better than the old $97 discounts!

Maybe you need lots of extra bandwidth – then maybe Power50 for 50% extra bandwidth is the code you want to use.

See why it pays to shop around? What sounds like the best deal on the surface might just be an expired promotion – and the cheapest price depends on your exact plans & outlook.

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