Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Storage on Dreamhost Before Coupons

Dreamhost has officially been in business for 11 years, and they are certainly celebrating the birthday in a serious way.

Usually, you need to use one of the Dreamhost coupons that provides extra bandwidth or disk storage if you’re not happy with the standard offer. The downside is that this can cut into your potential cash savings from a different coupon like Saves50 that gives you $50 off your total bill on any new purchase of a Dreamhost hosting account.

Here is our complete list of Dreamhost coupons, and here are a few Dreamhost coupons that will work well with the current September, 2008 promotion:

BizAndBlog – $30 off and a free domain registration for the life of your account

3Free4Life – Three extra lifetime domain registrations, in addition to the one that comes free with every Dreamhost account

BizCode – $20 off and 1 year of a dedicated IP address (great for online shopping cart solutions)

This deal won’t last forever, in fact they’re keeping with the theme of 11s and extending the promotional program until exactly 1,111 more people have signed up for hosting with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited online storage space.

Will it last for days, weeks, possibly even another month? I have no idea, but I know it won’t be around too much longer because the deal is just that good.

As always, Dreamhost offers a 97 day money-back guarantee so you can go in and check out what you think about the hosting, the control panel, and the response times you get from your servers. If you don’t think its worth the cost, you don’t have to pay! Just cancel any time before 97 days is up and they’ll completely refund your cash.

$50 off, Unlimited bandwidth & disk storage, and 97 days with a 100% money-back-guarentee. What else are you waiting for? Start building your websites today!

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