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Nofollow does not Conserve Pagerank

July 20, 2009 John 2

Not only is nofollow unable to fight spam and messing up the value of links on the web, its not even conserving pagerank like most webmasters thought it was. Matt Cutts recently shocked the SEO world by announcing nofollow destroys link juice rather than conserving it and keeping it internal.

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Indexed and Ranking Again

June 30, 2009 John 0

After some downtime, URLs are beginning to get re-indexed and search engine positions are returning to their old locations. Downtime may be a big set back, but it isn’t the total end of a website’s marketing position.

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For SEO, Downtime Does Matter

June 24, 2009 John 1

The effects of downtime on SEO have been debated and denied, but there’s certainly a long term consequence for extended service interruptions.

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Shared vs Unique IP on Shared Hosting – Initial Results

April 23, 2009 John 6

About a week and a half after transferring my sites to a unique IP address, the immediate SEO results have been significant. Here is a summary of the results I’ve seen so far and some more information about obtaining a unique IP address for shared hosting accounts.

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10 Min Email

March 28, 2009 John 2

What is this 10 minute mail and why do I keep getting their search engine traffic? Learn about a great email resource for webmasters and how it became my own personal SEO experiment. Hopefully, this will fix some search engine results for the gain of everyone involved.

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Pagerank goes on a wild ride

March 24, 2009 John 3

March 23, 2009 – The Google pagerank toolbar is showing strange results and hints of an update, but the fluctations are too wild to draw any conclusions yet. Instead of obsessing over the latest hints, I’m going to use the time to write a blog post!

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Blame the New Google Algorithm?

March 10, 2009 John 4

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has noticed a significant decline in traffic and search engine rankings recently. What I had originally assumed a consequence of my inactivity may also be related to a new Google algorithm that seems, initially, to favor large name-brands more than it once did.

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Standing Still in Sinking Sand

March 3, 2009 John 2

The temptation to sit back and watch profitable websites “take care of themselves” can be strong – but from my experience, the sand castles built of search engine positioning are sitting on top of a sinking foundation. Stand still for too long – and you might find yourself buried by new competition.

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PR Update – New Pages Only

November 16, 2008 John 0

Was that a pagerank update? Sort of, but it seems like only new URLs are currently being exported. Here’s a few hypotheses concerning PR – both the instantaneous value and the one that shows up in your toolbar or at the data-centers than can be queried publicly.

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Unexpected SEO Results? Check On Page

November 16, 2008 John 2

Here is one of the biggest “duh” moments I’ve faced recently in SEO – and if you’re wondering why your off-page activities have no impact on a page’s ranking (or even if it seems to drop regardless of off-page efforts) you may just need to revisit the on-page source and do some cleanup.

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Use htaccess 301 Redirects to Fix Broken Links

October 26, 2008 John 1

If you’ve got a website that’s been around a while, chances are you’ve got some old outdated links pointing to pages on your website that don’t exist anymore, or have been moved. Always make sure to use 301 URL redirects to “fix” these broken links, or if you ever need to rename or delete an old page.

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Content has to be the Center of any SEO Campaign

October 17, 2008 John 1

There’s no way to escape it – Content is the most important aspect of any successful SEO campaign. Links still have their place in ranking and indexing sites, but the links need to carry the authority of editorial approval that can only be earned through the production of quality content.

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SEO Tweaks for PHPBB3

October 13, 2008 John 2

Here are the SEO modifications I’m making to my PHPBB3 boards before they even go live, and some links to more complete sources for PHPBB3 SEO

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Can .biz Websites Rank Well?

September 26, 2008 John 1

A .com domain may inspire more consumer confidence than some of the newer top level domains, but the major search engines don’t seem to be playing any favorites.

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Bounce Rates, SERPs, and Quality Ranking

September 26, 2008 John 0

Quality matters when it comes to SERPs, and search engines seem to be measuring this metric by watching visitor and surfer behavior on sites they go to from the search results. If you want to rise in the search ranks quickly, you’ll need to catch your readers’ interest in just a few precious seconds.

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Are Pligg Sites Good for SEO?

September 19, 2008 John 7

Are Pligg sites good for SEO? Well, a few of them are if they meet some of the listed conditions. Most of them aren’t, and there’s quite a few reasons why most won’t be very useful to a webmaster.