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Bing and Yahoo gained market share before the Google Update

May 12, 2010 John 3

Yahoo and Bing are stepping up their presence in search volume, and Google’s update might not be the best way to win back those lost surfers. Then again, with the hottest new smart phone and rumors of a Google tablet on the way, maybe they just don’t need search like they used to.

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The Content Onslaught Strategy

January 24, 2010 John 2

So the internet moves fast and you need more content to stay at the top – how do you tap into the potential of crowd-sourcing and ensure you’ve got something to blog about every day? Welcome to the Content Onslaught strategy..

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Indexing after a Domain Redirect

January 20, 2010 John 0

After dropping a redirect on a domain name, it won’t take too long for the spiders to realize your domain is back and start the indexing process all over again. More details and updates on the SEO nuances of 301 domain redirects and bringing a dead site back to life.

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Beware the Keyword Cannibals

November 10, 2009 John 3

What looks like a search penalty may actually just be a case of over-optimization on supporting pages – a phenomenon known by many internet marketers as keyword cannibalism.

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SEO – The Reality is Staggering

September 25, 2009 John 5

How do we learn what really works in SEO, and can we handle the reality of the situation when its staring us in the face? Its time to get busy building links like you’ve never done before…

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SEO Killed Internet Democracy: The Republic of Authority Reigns

August 20, 2009 John 2

Internet democracy has fallen to the same forces that often make it an unstable political system. Will the new republic deliver the content that surfers want without making the web too predictable? How can webmasters and SEOs adapt to the constantly changing world of online promotion and traffic building?

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Keyword Competition Analysis – Paid Links vs Social Bookmarks

August 20, 2009 John 4

August 2009 – Google’s latest algorithm seems to disrupt long-standing search results and the quality of the SERPs is in question. When analyzing the top spots for some of my target keyword phrases, I’m slightly surprised to find that paid links seem to dominate and social bookmarks drag URLs down.

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Nofollow does not Conserve Pagerank

July 20, 2009 John 2

Not only is nofollow unable to fight spam and messing up the value of links on the web, its not even conserving pagerank like most webmasters thought it was. Matt Cutts recently shocked the SEO world by announcing nofollow destroys link juice rather than conserving it and keeping it internal.

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Indexed and Ranking Again

June 30, 2009 John 0

After some downtime, URLs are beginning to get re-indexed and search engine positions are returning to their old locations. Downtime may be a big set back, but it isn’t the total end of a website’s marketing position.

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For SEO, Downtime Does Matter

June 24, 2009 John 1

The effects of downtime on SEO have been debated and denied, but there’s certainly a long term consequence for extended service interruptions.

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Shared vs Unique IP on Shared Hosting – Initial Results

April 23, 2009 John 6

About a week and a half after transferring my sites to a unique IP address, the immediate SEO results have been significant. Here is a summary of the results I’ve seen so far and some more information about obtaining a unique IP address for shared hosting accounts.

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10 Min Email

March 28, 2009 John 2

What is this 10 minute mail and why do I keep getting their search engine traffic? Learn about a great email resource for webmasters and how it became my own personal SEO experiment. Hopefully, this will fix some search engine results for the gain of everyone involved.