No Doubt About It – Fresh Content Helps Your Rank

All other things being equal, a website that is more frequently updated is likely to end up with a higher rank in Google.  Even if your fresh content doesn’t pick up new backlinks, subscribers, or comments, it can still give you a bump in the search rankings.

How can I be so sure?  Well, all I had to do was compare where I sat for a few keywords in between the time I stopped posting before Christmas and shortly after resuming for the New Year.  Its something I’ve seen so many times before I was pretty suspicious to begin with, but I’ve clearly seen jumps as high as 3 spots for a domain after posting the first new page in a month.

What kind of hypocrite does that make me?

Well, a lazy one!  If you haven’t noticed, the posting frequency around here has taken a turn for the worse, but I got the backup plan set up with forum and bookmarking platforms.

Even though I missed out on the grand-opening marketing blitz I had imagined, those web publishers have a keen sense for sniffing out sources of new clean links and they’re starting to notice this fresh source of link juice.  This means fresh content for my domain (and Google) daily, with little input from me aside from the occasional spam cleanup.

A post a day… or five

Is there such a thing as posting too often?  If you’re afraid that you’ve actually posted more than you should, just stagger your posts to publish over the next few hours.  It may be better to update regularly than to push out a huge burst all at once.  What you probably want to do is keep the spiders coming back, have them constantly thinking that if they leave you alone for any given day they’re going to miss out on a whole lot of new content.

Quality, Quantity?

Aim for both, but you don’t necessarily have to promote the search-inspired filler.  Even if you’re in a rut, it can be to your benefit to get something out there, so find someone to guest-post or come up with a compilation of your favorite previous posts.  (Hey, maybe I should do that!)

Also, when you’re building up the URLs on your domain, make sure to check every once in a while that they’re all getting indexed!  Be advised, URLs in certain directories can end up being indexed while not showing up in a general domain search.  Once they’re published, just make sure your internal links let the juice flow without restriction, and point some external help to your favorite content.

The process doesn’t seem to have any ending or “victory” point, but keeping the cycle up can only help your traffic and revenue rates!

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