Anxiously Awaiting Caffeine

They say too much caffeine can make you anxious, but I’m suffering from a shortage and I think its an addictive craving that causes my eye to twitch.

I’m not talking about coffee though, I’m talking about the next iteration of Google’s search algorithm.

Several months ago, they published a public sandbox of their new search results, and I had to say I was absolutely in love with how high my sites suddenly ranked.  The only downside is that after taking down the beta / testing version, they announced it wouldn’t be integrated into the general, public search results until after the holidays.

Well Christmas and New Years are gone, so where is my caffeine?

Unfortunately, there’s been no further word on the push to speed up and reorganize Google’s perspective of the web.

From what I could tell during the beta test:

  • Caffeine is better at finding the best URL for a given domain (less vulnerable to keyword cannibals)
  • New content and updated domains gets even more boost in Caffeine
  • Orphaned URLs on powerful domains don’t have as much authority as no-name domains with highly linked internal pages

Believe it or not, this actually seems to give small-time internet marketers a decent chance of competing with the powerhouse publishers who try to dabble in everything while specializing in nothing.  Individual writers & publishers can’t necessarily cover every product and niche, but they can become authoritative sources of information about very specific ones.  Caffeine seems to recognize this fact better than 2008 and 2009’s Google updates.

Of course, there’s no saying exactly what form Caffeine will take when it does hit the mass public.  By then, there may have been tweaks that completely change its nature and tip the balance of power in another direction.  Either way, I’ll have an eye on any sudden shifts in the search results, and I’ll be sure to let you all know as soon as a change goes public on my regional Google data centers.

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