Google Cracks Down on Fake News

Beware: NaturalNews

UPDATE: Unfortunately, appears to be listed in the Google search index again. While we at and others were hopeful that this would be a new era of accountability and fact checking, it seems as though some other problem caused the de-listing and Google has already reconsidered the ban.

A lot of people have been talking about fake news since the election but Google is actually doing something about it.

As of Feb. 22, 2017, the website has been unlisted in Google’s index and scrubbed from the cache. The day before, the domain could have boasted more than a hundred thousand indexed pages on topics that range from typical pseudo-science like cold fusion and free energy machines, to more outlandish and dangerous screeds against “big pharma,” vaccines, and well.. modern medicine itself.

While free speech is well and good, there has to be another line: the line of credibility. NaturalNews crossed that line a long time ago, and I find it commendable that Google would take this action as a response. The way I see it, these Fake News outlets and professional provocateurs like Milo have had their chance at free speech. By this point, we all know what they’re saying because they’ve exercised their right and made their claims.

But the claims are lies. And eventually, anyone with any sense is going to learn to ignore a habitual liar. You don’t stop them from speaking to whoever will still listen, but you tune out and stop providing a platform for their nonsense.

There are probably even some good articles on the site, but when an organization or individual is dedicated to mass deception, there are going to be consequences and collateral damage for collaborators – no matter how innocent their contributions seemed.

Sadly, those who promote fake news are often themselves the biggest believers. People become attached to a worldview and some can’t even shake it in the face of evidence. It’s tragic that some could live in such a state of self-delusion, but there’s nothing about the right to free speech that requires anyone – be it a website or a university – to help them find recruits.

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