Magpie Pushes Twitter Annoyance to New Limits

November 26, 2008 John 0

A new service – Magpie – attempts to monetize Twitter with an outside service and the general consensus is its a step too far in the direction of annoyance. Then again, advertising on Twitter may be inevitable as the company searches for a monetization strategy…

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Link Bait – An Advertising Primer

November 7, 2008 John 0

A lot of people talk about internet buzzwords like link bait, social marketing, and 2.0 – but what does this actually mean? The jargon may sound professional, but the concepts of modern internet marketing show that not much is new under the sun in the world of advertising.

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Millennials and Website Advertising

October 21, 2008 John 0

Millenials are a huge demographic in the online world, but they can be skeptical and cynical of advertising. Is it overexposure to marketing or simply a lack of disposable income? Here’s how to deal with the biggest generation to go online.

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Add Value for your Customers

October 20, 2008 John 1

Why it is important to add value for your potential customers – how to stand out in a crowd of internet advertisers and marketers. Generate conversions by thinking about the customer and not the sale.

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Don’t Make your Visitors Click AWAY from your Ads

October 16, 2008 John 0

The advertisements you choose can affect not just how much you earn per visitor, it can have a huge impact on how many people visit and how your visitors respond to the experience of viewing and interacting with your website.

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Beware of Refunds – or How to Count Eggs and Chickens

September 21, 2008 John 0

The old adage to never count your chickens before they’ve hatched is just as relevant to the digital economic revolution as it was to the agricultural revolution 10,000 years ago. Just because internet business is “new” doesn’t mean that the old wisdom doesn’t still apply.

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You’re Working to Make Someone Rich. Is it You?

September 14, 2008 John 0

You’re working hard to make someone rich, but chances are its not you who is collecting the wealth. Building a website isn’t easy money but its a chance to become financially independent…A chance to get closer to the full value of your work, knowledge, and creativity.