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Fighting Scrapers Pt 1: The Email Request

January 31, 2010 John 3

When blog scrapers threaten your reputation in the search engines, you’ll eventually have to fight back just to protect yourself. Since we’re feeling like generous and nice people, we’re going to start off with some polite email requests before we start doing damage or publicly mocking the offender.

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Escalating Against Blog Scrapers

January 30, 2010 John 3

Its easy to ignore most scrapers, but once in a while they get their act together and figure out how to rank with stolen content. Here are the basic steps to fix that kind of mess.

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Dreamhost Coupon – Extra Bandwidth

January 26, 2010 John 0

Get some extra bandwidth for any new Dreamhost hosting account – learn how to utilize coupons in order to upgrade your bandwidth allocation at no extra cost.


Dreamhost Coupon – Cash Discounts

January 26, 2010 John 0

Forget the upgrades, some times you just need to get the product or service you need at the lowest possible price! If you’re looking for great webhosting on a recession-sized budget, be sure to check out these Dreamhost cash coupon codes.

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Dreamhost unique IP coupon codes

January 26, 2010 John 0

A great way to improve the search engine ranks of your websites is to create links from related domains on unique IP addresses – find out how you can sign up for a new Dreamhost hosting account with free coupons to help you get started running multiple domains.

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The Content Onslaught Strategy

January 24, 2010 John 2

So the internet moves fast and you need more content to stay at the top – how do you tap into the potential of crowd-sourcing and ensure you’ve got something to blog about every day? Welcome to the Content Onslaught strategy..

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Remember, the Internet Moves Faster than You

January 22, 2010 John 2

The internet’s social media sphere is moving fast, and there’s no way you can realistically keep up with the sheer volume of links and content fighting for space on the front pages. There are though, some other ways to make sure that your contributions are still visible to people and search engines.

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Hostgator Coupon 2010 Update

January 21, 2010 John 0

Hostgator has some new coupon codes out for 2010 – here is a list of Hostgator discounts and coupons that are available as of January 2010.

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Indexing after a Domain Redirect

January 20, 2010 John 0

After dropping a redirect on a domain name, it won’t take too long for the spiders to realize your domain is back and start the indexing process all over again. More details and updates on the SEO nuances of 301 domain redirects and bringing a dead site back to life.


The fight against SPAM never ends

January 18, 2010 John 3

I love promotion – even self-serving marketing efforts! But that doesn’t mean I’m willing to tolerate a bunch of noise on my sites, especially at the risk of losing reputation and authority among readers and search engine ranking algorithms.