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There are a lot of ways to save money when you’re signing up for Dreamhost web hosting. Coupon and promo codes are available to save money on the initial bill, upgrade resources, or even provide extra free domain registrations.

One popular choice that saves a lot of money in the long run is to use a coupon for a free Unique IP address:

The following Dreamhost promo code choices will provide you with a free unique IP – and even more. Simply click on your favorite to automatically use it when you sign up for the first time at Dreamhost.

PromoIPunique – Get a unique IP and a little break on the cost of hosting! This Dreamhost coupon will give you the IP address and also $20 off at the time of signup. Its tough to find cash these days, so every bit certainly helps.

IPdotCom – Want a unique IP and a few extra domains? IPdotcom will provide you with a free unique IP upgrade, and it also includes two extra free domain registrations. And every year you host your sites with Dreamhost, you’ll continue to enjoy these upgrades with no additional cost. This is like saving almost eighty dollars each year!

Having your own address will give your sites a seperate address and identity than the other sites it is hosted with. Based on my limited experience, this can greatly improve your search engine performance – especially if you’re neighboring with completely unrelated domains or domains that have gotten a bad reputation. The unique IP gives you your own neighborhood, and a lot more control over how the spiders interpret what they find.

Depending on what your website plans involve, you may want to check out some of the other hosting coupons available if the unique IP address isn’t at the top of your priorities. But regardless of which provider and promotions you settle on, be sure to take advantage of the hosting coupons to save some money!

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