Dreamhost Coupon – Extra Bandwidth

Dreamhost web hosting

If you’ve got a busy website or plan to host a lot of bandwidth-intensive online content, there’s a Dreamhost coupon just for you.  This Dreamhost discount code is good for 50% extra bandwidth through the lifetime of a hosting account.

This promo code gives a 50% bonus to the monthly bandwidth of any plan signed up for with it!

dreamhost extra bandwidth

Just click the Power50 to sign up for Dreamhost with 50% extra bandwidth. If the coupon code doesn’t get transferred into the promo field, just type in Power50 or try this link instead.

Is the extra bandwidth coupon not the right Dreamhost discount for your website?

Click here for the full list of Dreamhost coupons

Alternatively – click here for the cash coupon (because sometimes we all just need to save some cash!) or click here if you are looking for free domain registrations.

And eventually, if your site just gets too popular for a shared server to handle, there are also VPS options available at a small upgrade fee. At some point, we’ll all get to the point where we need to upgrade from shared hosting to a more private and dedicated solution, but until then you can enjoy extra bandwith allocations on your budget hosting plans!

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