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Trying to decide on a Dreamhost coupon for your web hosting services? Here’s a great coupon code for anyone looking to set up multiple website domains and multiple points of presence on the web.

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3Free4LifeThis coupon will give you three extra domain registrations for the life of your Dreamhost hosting account. That’s in addition to the one lifetime domain registration that comes with all Dreamhost accounts – a total of four domains, registered to you, renewed annually, that you don’t have to pay for.

What could be better than that? Maybe a cash coupon or some other dreamhost coupon is the right choice for your plans. Make sure to review all of the options and weigh the benefits, because once the discount coupons are used and the account is paid for, the choices can’t be changed. There is a 97-day full refund policy, however, so you do have some time to comfortably discover whether or not its the right host for you to get started with your new online projects.

Need a little help getting your websites up and online? Don’t worry! Dreamhost provides a lot of automated installation choices for easy wesbite building, and its been a great place for me to learn more about systems like Pligg and WordPress and how I can make small modifications to templates to get the desired custom setups. When you find the right Dreamhost coupon, don’t waste any time – get started building your very own websites today!

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  1. Wow, this is a great coupon. This saves $30/year and that’s not bad at all. But does this only work for new accounts? I already have an account with them and didn’t know about any of these coupons – could I apply them to my existing account?

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