Slow & Steady Wins the Race

Unless you’re building a website with major advertising and staff, its probably a good idea to approach adding content in a measured fashion. Many people suggest having over 100 pages of HTML before letting your website go public, but I think the search engines are still rewarding organic growth.

The age of each page will count toward search engine rankings to some extent, so why not get your first articles out as soon as possible? Each week or so as you add content, the spiders will see new pages and they’ll know to come back more often.

Of course, if you’ve found the perfect niche business, there’s no reason to wait! If you’re building a website to really share ideas and learn something new, then there’s no reason to set goals that are beyond the amount of time you have available. With just a few posts each month, you can establish a website with recurring traffic. Why clutter your website up with daily posts when you could save it for the best of what you’re thinking about?

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