PR 2 in 4 Months? I guess so

While my six month old website is stuck at PR1, one of my newer attempts is up to PR2 in just four months.

The older website has more backlinks from higher ranking pages, yet the new one is climbing faster. The only thing I can imagine here is that I’m writing more content for the newer website. Content is king, maybe? I’ve heard it before but I was never sure.

Now my few months of experience seem to be indicating the same thing. If a website posts more content more frequently, the search engines are going to like it, I guess. Another thing is deep linking. The first website might take longer to reach its goal, since its aiming for a pretty competitive keyword in a low-paying subject. The newer website is aimed at niche articles so more of the links into the domain are to keyword rich landing pages.

Of course, PR doesn’t ultimately mean much since the older website is still getting more traffic. I was quite surprised to see how much the newer one has jumped in the last few days with the addition of about 10 pages of new content.

I’ll keep you updated, and as soon as I have good web marketing ideas I’ll be flooding this website with new content, too.

9-22-08 Update:

My education site is nine months old and I’ve managed a PR 5 on the homepage, PR 4 for each category page, and a mix of PR 3-5 on the articles themselves.  Of course, traffic is still only around 300 uniques a day, but it looks like its on the right track since those are pretty competitive keywords.

This site?  Its not doing so well in terms of the Pagerank.  In fact, I’m still trying to get Google to index the whole thing without putting 1/3 of the pages into a supplemental index!

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