Start Small: Think Big

It doesn’t take a huge financial or educational commitment to get started in virtual real-estate development. A good web host can be leased for under ten dollars a month, and you can expect a lot of processing power, server data storage, and bandwith for that price.

And at just $10 per year, additional domains are like untapped gold or beach-front property waiting to be developed. Every time you add articles and pages and get links pointing back to your website, you’re adding value to your property. Simply installing a content management system and posting some random day-to-day thoughts can be a virtual investment with real-life value.

Search engines value websites and domains that have been registered for longer periods of time, so there really is no reason to wait! Regardless of your interests or writing style, its possible for you to find your audience and build traffic with just a little bit of time and money. Obviously, not every website is going to be a huge money-maker, but the better ones are doing quite well – even after the bust.

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