Tracking the Internet Conversation

As you post more content to your website, you have to make sure that the various search engines are able to find it. You might have the story that people want to read, if they just knew it existed. Its tempting to think that with all the traffic on the internet that people will just magically find you, but you need links before even Google can help you.

One great way to get this started is with trackbacks. A lot of modern content management systems promote trackbacks, and they allow you to ‘ping’ the website that you’re talking about and linking to, and they’ll automatically link back to you.

Web content publishers can weigh in on stories and news that is posted somewhere, and while offering a new voice to the discussion, it also creates depth to the debate and more content wealth for the internet as a whole. Lots of content and backlinking can help get your domain rated higher and start to bring in the search engine traffic.

And don’t get discouraged if your website is like a ghost-town when you’re starting off. You may feel down when you realize you’ve written 10 pages and only one person has seen one of them. As the months and years go by, your hundreds of articles could be seen by hundreds of thousands of viewers. Don’t get caught up in instant gratification (advertising): on the internet, its expensive and its very temporary.


  1. i agree that to be able for the search engine spiders should notice you to be able to have traffic or to let others know that you exist. nice article

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