Unexpected Vacation – Why I Love Working Online

So between my own illness and a loss in the furry side of our family, I haven’t exactly had a productive time between the end of November and the beginning of December.

The good news is, its OK.  I can take as much time as I need between web projects or new blog posts.  Ideally, we’d all like to post daily or even more.  It helps with the search rankings and obviously the readers and subscribers appreciate something new when they stop by or check their feeds.  Go too long without posting anything and you might lose some momentum – people might stop checking all together under the assumption that nothing new will be there anyway.  People who used to comment might find something more productive to do.  There are definitely risks to any extended vacation, but the good news is I don’t have to argue with any bosses or managers about it.

And ultimately, that’s what its about.  If you love freedom to make your own business decisions and you’re willing to deal with the immediate consequences of your hard work (or lack thereof), then the internet is exactly where you should put your time and effort!

So no, it doesn’t matter if we get X or Y days off for the holiday or if I have any PTO or sick leave left – I can pick up and walk off any time I feel like it.  Yeah, that means being sick or losing a loved fuzzy friend, but it can be for fun reasons too like flying across the sea to see Europe or driving through the South to follow heavy metal bands.  (By the way, we just saw Cannibal Corpse, Hatebread, Machinehead, and Megadeth – if you get a chance to catch any of them I would have to recommend it)

So are you sitting around wondering if your manager will give you enough time to see all your friends and family this Christmas?  Now might be a good time to invest some spare time into building up a few domains – in a year or two, you might be where I’m at and you won’t have to worry if the break goes from three days to thirteen.

Still though, there’s just not enough time in the day to do everything.  I haven’t quite figured out the trick to get everything I want to get done, but I do know that everything I do is something I really wanted to do in the first place.  There’s no clock punching and clock staring here – so get to work or get to play!

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