Enjoying a Holiday Free From Hosting Issues


I’ll say my little piece of seasonal Thanksgiving:  I haven’t had any dang hosting interruptions this vacation!  June was a nightmare that seems to have still thrown my rhythm off, but focusing on the WordPress CMS and keeping my versions up to date seems to have brought me a few more months of website security and uninterrupted hosting.

Of course, you’ll need your sites to stay online if you hope to maximize your potential revenue and realize actual profits.  When something does go wrong, you probably can’t blame the hosting company because they’d much rather keep you as a paying customer.  Chances are, something happened to compromise security or send illegal information and communications and your account’s server, and whatever his websites were doing is actually a huge liability to the whole company and everyone else who hosts there as well.

So far so good, a focus on WordPress with just a few efforts in phpBB and Pligg has been a great way to keep multiple domains up to date, but don’t ever skip that step for the sake of saving some time!  Especially if you’re using something like Joomla that’s long been known to carry an extra security risk.

Hope everyone had a great holiday and they’re ready to earn record income in 2010 – the economy won’t be on your side but that’s every reason to break last year’s earnings records and turn up the traffic volume.

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