Follow Golden Corral on Twitter… Really?


Ok, I’m really working on something else right now but I just saw a commercial so ridiculous that I had to take a few moments to scratch down some thoughts.

The first problem is that Golden Corral is offering all you can eat “baby back ribs.”  The idea of eating ribs at Golden Corral made me feel a bit nauseous, but the really head-scratching part of the commercial was the Facebook & Twitter logos.  “Follow us on Twitter!”

Really?  Why?

I understand that Twitter is the 11th busiest website on the net, but some “social media experts” are milking this gravy train for way more than its worth. Does every business and brand need a page, do they need to spend time and money promoting those social profiles, and what kind of returns are they really getting from this?

Then again, Golden Corral has hundreds more followers than I do, so maybe they actually do get something out of the deal.  I guess it doesn’t cost them extra to add the Twitter logo under their own logo on the commercial time they’ve already paid for but at least I can still use the “I wasn’t even trying!” excuse.

In the meantime I’ll be on because its just like Twitter, except better in just about every way other than popularity.

Alright now, back to what I was trying to work on…


  1. well the ‘why’ has been asked what’s next is the ‘who’ …

    Who told the guy playing the ‘dad’ in the commercial that collagen injections for his lips were a good idea?

    I mean c’mon … really? If I were that actor I would go back to that consultant and kick ’em in the junk.

  2. Creepiest dad. Weirdest ad. Makes me feel obese every time it airs.

    I’ve never seen a Golden Corral, but I will never want to eat there.

    It’s like the dad is saying “we need to get fat, and we need to do it real cheap.”

    “Ten bucks? Get me my trough!”

    But thinking about it now, I guess there really is a market for that – just lookin’ around.

  3. Normal looking (cute) wife, normal looking kids, wierd looking dad with strangely bloated face and lips. no mention of quality…. dad just wants to pig out, and then he is the one all excited while eated, like a little kid. I guess there is a demographic they are reaching for, fat Dad’s…..

  4. Who is the actor in the Golden Corral apron who says , at the end of the commercial, “Thanks for droppin’ by” ?

  5. Yeah.. I came here trying to figure out who Mr Eyebrows is at the end. He kind of repulses me as much as the dad. I work near a GC and sometimes make the mistake *when I am short on time) of dropping in to eat. My clothes always smell like an old woman who had too much bologna and sour milk farted on me afterwards.

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