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Notes on New Media

December 7, 2009 John 0

The rise of new media will not be without problems and obstacles – from logistical and financial concerns to deliberate road blocks in the way of a social mode of sharing information, the future of journalism is far from clear-cut.

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SideWiki – Hardly Worth Writing About

October 7, 2009 John 1

Google SideWiki has been hailed as everything from a revolutionary approach to web democracy or an evil scheme to maximize pageviews. In reality, its a bunch of noise and nearly useless comments that doesn’t seem to attract much activity.

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Follow-up rant: Digg nofollow ignores site’s problems

September 9, 2009 John 0

Digg’s latest move to make upcoming story links set to “nofollow” won’t do much to address the problems with the site. It certainly hasn’t done anything to improve the quality of upcoming links… Instead, the front page is controlled by a few users and a few domains – and if you happen to become popular with submissions from outside of the white listed sites you may be at risk for a ban.

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Digg Goes Nofollow – Keeps Pushing Framed URLs

September 3, 2009 John 3

Digg is trying to fight spam the laziest way ever invented – by slapping a nofollow attribute on all upcoming stories, profile pages, and comment links. In the meantime, they will continue to frame your content and encourage users to link toward the framed version of your website.

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Nofollow Bookmarking Heats Up the Aggregator vs Content War

July 17, 2009 John 0

Content writers have increasingly threatened legal action against aggregators, and nofollow is a significant part of the widening rift. How does a legitimate social bookmarking site differ from a content scraping system? How is the traffic faring for those who balance the interests of content writers versus those who don’t?

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Digg Cleans Up SEO Mess

April 23, 2009 John 0

I mentioned in the last post about Digg’s adventures in content framing, and specifically about how these changes were affecting search engine indexing. After just a few weeks of publisher outrage, Digg finds a way to keep their frame while keeping publishers placated.

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Digg Gets into the Content Theft Business

April 4, 2009 John 4

Digg goes beyond link sharing to outright content theft. Will the new toolbar help generate revenue or alienate users and force publishers to get their pitchforks out? I vote for pitchforks!


Twitter’s Eternal September and the Hunt for Spring

March 31, 2009 John 0

Twitter Enters the eternal September – even CNN is talking about it. Can you get more mainstream than that? There is an odd relationship between early adoption and mainstream online services, and the tension there helps promote the evolution of the internet.

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Furl is Done – Absorbed by Diigo

March 18, 2009 John 3

Furl bites the dust and is absorbed whole by Diigo – a once rival social bookmarking community. What does this mean for webmasters – how do the two compare in terms of SEO? Is the fate of Furl soon to follow other social media sites – especially ones for bookmarking?

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Bookmarking Your Posts and Pages

March 5, 2009 John 0

When you’ve got some interesting content on your site, you’re going to want to promote it. One of the most effective ways to do so is to submit your link to a social bookmarking site – but be careful, you could be shouted out of the room if you bring nothing to the conversation other than self-promotion.

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Social Bookmarking is the New Web Directory

December 23, 2008 John 1

Web directories are obsolete, and they have been replaced by the social bookmarking site. Bookmarking provides value to surfers and democratic quality signals for the search engines that directories just don’t deliver