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Start Small: Think Big

December 29, 2007 John 0

A great advantage of building sites online is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of money or experience to get your foot in the online door. Hosting is the only thing you really have to pay for, and even that can be had at no cost with free hosting services if you’re willing to give up a little future potential to avoid costs now.

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Don’t Program? Use CMS

December 29, 2007 John 1

Building websites isn’t restricted to hard-core college-trained computer programmers. These geniuses went one step better than building websites: They’ve built software that the rest of us can use to quickly and easily build websites of our own. For giving us would-be webmasters CMS, I say “Thank you!”

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website building biz

December 20, 2007 John 0

Hosting and domain registration – it is like real estate ownership & development, without the nasty bubble and credit restrictions. Why? Because each little project doesn’t have to be a half-million dollar McMansion or the next .com superstar to be successful.