Don’t Program? Use CMS

CMS stands for “Content management system.”

Basically, its software you can install on your website hosting server that allows you to set up a general template for your website’s design and quickly add new pages as easily as you would post a comment on someone else’s website.

Blogging platforms like WordPress and Blogger are quite popular, because they combine the convenience of easy to use page creation with the powerful SEO functionality of trackbacks and search engine friendly URLs. Joomla allows users to create dynamic websites with multiple layers of software, but it can be technical and hard to get started with if you don’t know much about server-side programming. TikiWiki and MediaWiki allow one to build highly interactive Wikipedia style domains in just a few clicks, and then your users can help contribute!

No doubt, CMS is the quickest way to create websites with multiple pages of unique content, and all these programs allow you to organize the hierarchy of the pages while providing full functionality for the end-user – be it comments, trackbacks, crowd-sourcing content creation (wikis).

So don’t worry about programming – just follow the directions or use an automated installation program through your website’s hosting provider.  The most technical thing you’ll probably be required to do is maintain the software and ensure that it stays up to date to avoid any security risks.

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