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Speaking of keeping your CMS up to date in order to avoid hosting problems, the I noticed that the next version of WordPress was released shortly after making my last post.

So, if you’re running any WordPress installations, be sure to find and upgrade to the latest 2.9.1 patch.  Its always a good practice to make complete backups before applying any updates or major file changes, but you don’t necessarily need to go through all the steps of a manual install.  There’s been a few major upgrades since the automatic updater was implemented into WordPress’s administration dashboard, and many bloggers have been taking advantage of the feature without any complaints.  I know I know, its hard to trust your website to an automatic update process, but that’s why its good to have some backups that you can quickly generate and download.

I don’t have all the details on WordPress version 2.9.1, but I do know that the main purpose of the update is to fix some scheduled posting issues that were incompatible with some web hosts.  After the patch, all scheduled events should go off without a hitch, regardless of which hosting provider you’ve got your software set up with and how their server settings are calibrated.

There’s no word about whether or not specific security issues were addressed, but as a general rule its safer to be using the latest release of any online software.  Even if there are vulnerabilities that can be exploited, its going to take a while before anyone figures out what they are and deploys an attack.

Happy (and safe) blogging everyone!

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  1. hey John,
    Upgrade your blog and keep it current… always good advice.
    I have a friend that was a bit lax in the “upgrade” department and learned the hard way about what hackers can do…
    I too was lazy with a blog I have (and apparently lucky) but recently upgraded it to 2.8.4 even though I don’t post on it very much, and now with the auto-update feature it was a piece of cake to upgrade last week to 2.9.1.
    So I echo your sentiment – keep your wordpress blog updated!
    ~ Steve, your friendly neighborhood tradeshow ninja

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