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Social Bookmarking is the New Web Directory

December 23, 2008 John 1

Web directories are obsolete, and they have been replaced by the social bookmarking site. Bookmarking provides value to surfers and democratic quality signals for the search engines that directories just don’t deliver

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No Bailout for Online Business – Get Ready to Pay the Bill

December 20, 2008 John 1

We’ve become a bailout nation and no business can fully ignore the consequences of this new political paradigm. The bad news is, unless you’ve already got a check from the government to save your business, you shouldn’t be expecting one. If anything, get ready for the bill to come due. These bailouts aren’t free you know!

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Anhosting Coupon Codes

December 19, 2008 John 2

Anhosting coupon codes available for 2009 – don’t pay full price for web hosting when there are so many coupons and promotions available online!

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100th Post – Blog Statistics

December 15, 2008 John 4

100 posts is a great milestone, but there’s a lot of ways to measure success. Let’s take a look at the evolution of Website Building Biz and where it stands today

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Rockstar? Narcissist? I Feel Like a Gas Station Owner

December 15, 2008 John 2

Social Media Rockstar has an interesting post that could cause any blogger a moment of introspection. Are you an internet rockstar? A self-absorbed narcissist? I realized I’m more like a small gas station owner on the side of the information super-highway, and maybe this isn’t such a bad place to be..

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Why Hosting Accounts Get Suspended

December 9, 2008 John 8

The most common reasons I see for hosting account suspensions and cancellations. Protect yourself by following the rules of your host, the laws of the land, and always keep a recent backup ready to move to your next hosting account if the worst happens!