Blogging is Serious Business (Seriously)

We know that politicians get annoyed with bloggers, we know that bloggers end up at the end of many jokes in the mainstream media, but what’s becoming more obvious than ever is that blogging is a serious business that threatens the more traditionally established control of mass media outlets.

So there’s a general awareness out there – but mostly coming from those who feel threatened or inconvenienced by the proliferation of blogging.

What is a little bit less expected is to hear that a blog post from is going to be included in a Norton Anthology publication (The Best Creative Nonfiction, Volume 3) coming out in July 2009. Now, its not the Norton Anthology of English Literature, but its published by the same publisher and considered a top literary authority by any calculation.

Oh yeah, and the blog post in question will be published in Creative Nonfiction, a related literary/academic journal. For any writer, blogger or not, this is a pretty significant recognition – and it shows that at least some elements of the academic world are willing to accept the content of writing regardless of its medium or academic pedigree.

So yeah, blogging is serious business – if you’re doing it right that is.


  1. hey John,
    Good post. Blogging has made the news better. We don’t have to settle for what the mainstream deems to be the most important anymore. I think that is awesome. There’s a lot of junk out there in the blogosphere, but the cream seems to rise to the top and important stories get coverage.
    Congrats on Creative Nonfiction!
    ~ Steve, aka the pro-blogger, bloggin’ newbie trade show guru

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