Magpie Pushes Twitter Annoyance to New Limits

November 26, 2008 John 0

A new service – Magpie – attempts to monetize Twitter with an outside service and the general consensus is its a step too far in the direction of annoyance. Then again, advertising on Twitter may be inevitable as the company searches for a monetization strategy…

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Seek Opportunity but don’t Trivialize the Crash

November 25, 2008 John 0

There may be glimmers of hope here and there, but the overall outlook is still pretty bleak. I may have understated this with the last article so I’ll take a slightly more detailed look at the financial situation and where the macro economy is headed from here.

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PR Update – New Pages Only

November 16, 2008 John 0

Was that a pagerank update? Sort of, but it seems like only new URLs are currently being exported. Here’s a few hypotheses concerning PR – both the instantaneous value and the one that shows up in your toolbar or at the data-centers than can be queried publicly.

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Unexpected SEO Results? Check On Page

November 16, 2008 John 2

Here is one of the biggest “duh” moments I’ve faced recently in SEO – and if you’re wondering why your off-page activities have no impact on a page’s ranking (or even if it seems to drop regardless of off-page efforts) you may just need to revisit the on-page source and do some cleanup.

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Why Every Business Needs a Blog

November 14, 2008 John 1

“Every business needs a blog” You’ve probably heard it so much it seems cliche – well, it may be repeated often but that’s only because it is true.

Fresher content is better

Link Bait – An Advertising Primer

November 7, 2008 John 0

A lot of people talk about internet buzzwords like link bait, social marketing, and 2.0 – but what does this actually mean? The jargon may sound professional, but the concepts of modern internet marketing show that not much is new under the sun in the world of advertising.

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Brainstorming to Beat Writer’s Block

November 4, 2008 John 0

Feel like you’ve run out of things to blog about? Writer’s block can be a big problem for bloggers as it threatens to disrupt the flow of new posts, new links, and new traffic. Also, the subscribers of your RSS feed may get bored at seeing no new updates and free up some space in their readers.

Use these brainstorming tips to beat writer’s block and get back to the content creation this internet business requires.

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Why do these Internet Marketers Need a Job?

November 3, 2008 John 2

Why do these SEOs and self-proclaimed marketing gurus need a job from your company? Here are some important questions human resource managers and corporate strategists should be asking before hiring someone for online advertising purposes – and some important things for the SEOs and marketing specialists to ask about themselves in order to justify their want of a job.

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$100 Dreamhost Coupon

November 2, 2008 John 0

Good news – I’ve got five more of the $150 to $200 Dreamhost coupon codes. Click here to get the biggest discount available for Dreamhost web hosting in 2009. These deals aren’t permanent, so there’s no saying how long they’ll last.