Despite Downturn, Fastweb Increases Affiliate Revenue


While the latest macro-economic numbers like retail don’t give much reason to be optimistic about business and advertising potential, there’s still some evidence that online publishers are avoiding the worst of the recession. (Slow-down, recession, depression, epic collapse? That’s a debate for the political and economic boards…)

The previous deal from Fastweb through commission junction provided $2.50 per confirmed registration (yes, for a free lead) and today they’ve announced that they’ll double that to $5. In addition to the higher payout for completed signups, they’re also including a new payment for partially completed profiles too! $1.50 if they make it to the second page – and this is buffed up with a performance incentive once you start delivering more actionable leads.

So, if you haven’t signed up for Commission Junction yet, you probably should. I spend a lot of time watching the news about how horrible the economy, yet everyday I see new companies signing up to offer money to website publishers in exchange for valuable traffic they can provide. While advertisers cut back on “old-school” media placements like newspapers, radio, and even TV, they’re realizing that online traffic is focused and relevant.

Not everyone watching a certain sitcom needs a car, but people who are visiting sites related to cars are a whole lot more likely to be in the market for parts, service, or a totally new product. Its really just that simple – online advertising is worth more than other alternatives and because of this struggling companies have every reason to jump on board with the new technology and its higher efficiency rates.

So what are your visitors looking for? What’s the theme that brings your website together with its audience? Consider the search terms that drive traffic to you, and look around various affiliate programs like Commission Junction, Clickbank, and the Pepperjam network. Chances are there are advertising providers who are looking for traffic exactly like yours. Combining an affiliate program with some Adsense or other PPC ads can lead to pretty healthy revenue for just about any website on any topic.

I’m not saying you’ll get rich quick – but when the economy is being less than generous, online revenue is at least one way that your hard work will continue to pay off. Stay focused, stay creative, and stay up to date with the ever-changing internet and there’s a good chance that you’ll see your income go up while the economy heads down.

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