Pligg Content Management System

How to Install Pligg on Dreamhost

October 7, 2008 John 0

Guide to installing Pligg on Dreamhost – anyone can set up this content management software with just following the directions on screen and a few clicks


Dreamhost one-click software choices

July 7, 2008 John 7

Here’s a list of software that can be quickly and easily installed on a Dreamhost shared hosting account. Read about the software’s capabilities and what types of websites you can build with them.


One click installs on Dreamhost – Advanced mode with no code

July 6, 2008 John 3

A guide to the “Advanced Mode” of Dreamhost’s one-click install. Don’t let the name scare you: There’s absolutely no programming or coding involved. In fact, you’ll just need to fill out one form with information that you mostly make up as you go along. The trick? Write it down and follow this picture-based guide!

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Don’t Program? Use CMS

December 29, 2007 John 1

Building websites isn’t restricted to hard-core college-trained computer programmers. These geniuses went one step better than building websites: They’ve built software that the rest of us can use to quickly and easily build websites of our own. For giving us would-be webmasters CMS, I say “Thank you!”