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FriendFeed or LifeStream?

October 31, 2008 John 1

Why I’m avoiding FriendFeed and promoting instead. A little bit about liveblogging from a marketing perspective and why you can’t afford to ignore the development of this newest form of social media.

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Why Blogs Conquered the Internet

October 28, 2008 John 0

It should be no surprise that blogs came to dominate internet activity and search results. In the originally popularized blog form, they were a source of link and personal networking with no rivals – and a method of interaction that was information and easy.

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Blogging – The Quickest Way to Build a Website

October 21, 2008 John 1

Want to build a website but you think it might be too hard, confusing, or just time consuming? Blogs are the quickest and easiest way to build a new website from scratch. Don’t worry about the technical issues too much – just be sure you have some fresh and unique content to offer.

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The Benefits and Problems of Blogging

October 18, 2008 John 0

Why build a blog for your website? Or why should you build a blog as your main website like I’ve done here? Learn more about blogging by reading the benefits here.

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Three Quick Ways to Promote a New Blog

October 11, 2008 John 1

Here are three quick and simple steps you can take to promote a new blog. Combined with some unique and interesting content, you could see some buzz almost immediately.

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Another DoFollow Webmaster Blog

October 8, 2008 John 9

WebsiteBuildingBiz has gotten rid of the nofollow attributes, so here’s another webmaster oriented blog for you to get some backlinks from. Just make sure to add useful comments! Everything that doesn’t really contribute will be marked as spam and moderation is always enabled.

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Write for the Love of (fill in the blank)

March 26, 2008 John 1

Write about your interests if you want to write well. The internet isn’t a good get rich quick plan, but if you work for subjects you care about, you might not realize its work at all.

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Tracking the Internet Conversation

January 17, 2008 John 2

Using trackbacks to keep track of conversations that you’ve started or entered. How the Link command in search engines can be used to make sure you don’t miss out on a discussion that you’ve already been a part of. Hey, I’ll take all the ways I can to keep track of this stuff!