Write for the Love of (fill in the blank)

Here’s a secret for blogging success: Write about topics that interest you. You’ll have greater knowledge about the topics you publish, and you’ll find it easier to write new, fresh content for your readers and the search engines. Website writing, content management, and marketing can be a daunting task. Chances are not likely that you’ll get rich quick, but if you work toward something you enjoy you’ll likely find that success comes much easier.

If you want to set up your own personal blog or community website, you need to find the thing that connects you and your readers. What interest do you share in common? It could be anything at all, but unless you’re a professional chef targeting a cooking community, you might not want to be too mundane and discuss in detail what you had for breakfast that morning. Then again, if say humor is your thing, you might be able to turn a story about breakfast into a great laugh that will be passed along.

For me, politics and economics is the big issue I like to write about, and despite the fact it doesn’t pay so well it, it doesn’t even feel like work. Well, most of the time. The topics I cover aren’t necessarily the same as the ones focused on in the mainstream media, so I’m targeting a very specific group of readers – and (hopefully) providing a very specific service.

Finding and building on a sub-category is also called a niche, your tiny unique corner of the web that should by its very existence find that even small group of people who are already in agreement or share the specific interest. Slang is great – use words and phrases that don’t exist out of this sub-culture. Make references to popular memes in the sub-category. Instantly, anything you write about can be associated by the search engines with the niche you’re targeting.

When you get comfortable with web publishing and marketing you might look at the top dollar niches and then you can do some actual “work.” Get started right and build websites about things you’re interested in. Its the best way to learn, and the best way to turn out quality work!

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